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Children spend a great deal of time changing activities and waiting for the next one to begin. With careful planning, you can capitalize on these 'bits of time' with meaningful transitional activities. Transition Time will help you to bridge periods of time and capture children's interest with activities, finger plays, songs, chants, stories and games. Tips for planning transitions during every part of the day, plus a planning guide, are also included. With over 400 activities and ideas to choose from, all those periods of time between planned activities will become interesting and motivating for children.
"The purpose of this book is to provide a context for your lives in the time sequence you find yourselves in now. This explanation of time -- and to a degree, its variables -- is being provided to you so that you will understand more about your true, natural, native personalities and so that you will be reminded that you are, as you know, in a school and that this school is purely temporary. You don't come here very often to this place of linear time. Like your own human lives, you are in school for only so long and then you live your lives. When you exist beyond this school, you will find all those lives infinitely easier. Even as the Creator, your lives will be easier than they are in their single, linear lives that you're living now because you will have all your components."" -- Founder of Time"
A practical guide to understanding students with autism and including them fully in the classroom.
Agriculture is confronted with changing societal expectations and demands regarding its role in food production and in the countryside. Complying with these expectations and demands will require a comprehensive, far-reaching and therefore far from easy and long-lasting transition of agriculture. This books seeks to explore the seeds of this transition by describing and analysing the production of promosing novelties in relation to to the dominant regime. On a theoretical level this books aims at the integration of hitherto largely disconneted disciplines and bodies of literature.

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