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Band 16.1 der zehnbändige KWIC-Konkordanz zum Gesamtwerk Geoffrey Chaucers. Diese ermöglicht der Forschung erstmals, vollständige und systematische Untersuchungen an Chaucers Sprache und Texten durchzuführen. Mediävisten und Historiker der englischen Sprache erhalten damit ein Standardwerk wissenschaftlicher Arbeit. Die Konkordanz zu Chaucer basiert auf der Ausgabe „The Riverside Chaucer“, hrsg. von Larry Dean Benson (Boston, 1987 und Oxford, 1988), der heute international verbindlichen Ausgabe. Diese computer-gestützte Chaucer-Konkordanz ersetzt das von Hand erstellte Werk von Tatlock und Kennedy (1927), dem die heute veraltete „Globe-Edition“ zugrunde liegt.
What does it mean to love? What are the traits of character that support love’s activity? How does the economy of grace—the mission of Christ and the action of the Holy Spirit—elevate and transform human love, virtue, and the desire for happiness? In On Love and Virtue: Theological Essays, the eminent Dominican theologian Michael Sherwin considers how the Catholic tradition has addressed these questions. Fr. Sherwin places this tradition in dialogue with contemporary questions. Taking St. Thomas Aquinas as his primary guide, Fr. Sherwin reads St. Thomas in light of his biblical and patristic sources (especially St. Augustine) and engages contemporary developments in philosophy in order to deepen our understanding of how grace both heals and elevates human nature. Along the way, Fr. Sherwin considers the vocation of the theologian and the biblical and patristic understanding of the Christian call to moral apprenticeship and friendship with God.
A scene-by-scene reader's guide to Geoffrey Chaucer's Trojan War poem specifically designed for student readers.
Chaucer’s Neoplatonism covers his major works and the ways in which he has absorbed a Boethian, essentially rational Neoplatonism. By means of that philosophy he poetically engages issues of truth, falsehood, love, friendship, joy, and community. His widely recognized, capacious humanism arises from that engagement.
The editor's lucid introduction, marginal glosses, and explanatory annotations make Troilus and Criseyde easily accessible to students with no prior knowledge of Chaucer or Middle English. Also included is Robert Henryson's Testament of Cresseid, the poignant "sequel" to Troilus and Criseyde from fifteenth-century Scotland. "Criticism" includes ten essays by a diverse group of distinguished Chaucerians, among them C. S. Lewis, E. Talbot Donaldson, Karla Taylor, Lee Patterson, and Jill Mann, that illuminate the major scholarly issues raised by this complex and challenging poem. A Glossary and Selected Bibliography are also included
This Norton Critical Edition includes the most admired of Chaucer s Canterbury Tales."

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