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Where is paradise on earth? Somewhere far from the maddening crowds, the cold, the politics, work, of course.People have been searching for their paradise for centuries, even before taxation was invented. The stories of those who wrote about their exploits often reveal more about themselves than the nature of the paradises they sought and sometimes found. Did you know that Sir Walter Raleigh was the world’s first pusher of paradise real estate? Or that among the explorers of tropical paradises, the infamous Captain Bligh of the Bounty was quite humane and considerate? Or that Captain James Cook was the first westerner to get a tropical, full body massage—and was pretty coy about describing it? That the original Shangri-La paradise was a mix of ascetic monks on top of a Tibetan mountain and a tropical village of loose women at its foot? That Thor Heyerdahl and his first wife honeymooned for a whole year in a remote tropical paradise, leading to his Polynesian migration theory and the Kon Tiki expedition? Found, Lost, Paved and Sunk: Paradise explores the mind set of artists, beachcombers, colonial administrators, developers, explorers, hermits, missionaries, mutineers, philosophers, scientists and writers, not to mention the native residents who were already living in the paradises they sometimes describe. Learn about the mechanics and problems of living in a paradise, dealing with neighbors both onshore and offshore, housing, water, and health. Learn about the fate of paradises under colonialism and climate change. Learn also about the opinions of other animals and plants; where is their paradise? The world is changing irreversibly. Where and how does paradise fit into its future? And finally, what does it all really mean? Found, Lost, Paved and Sunk: Paradise tells all. The book is punctuated with tongue-in-cheek tips for paradise seekers but is entirely factual and extensively referenced with about 200 sources, from exploits of early explorers and travelers to the writings of prominent philosophers.
Marilyn, JFK, Hoover: Three provocative works of investigative journalism by a New York Times–bestselling author and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. New York Times–bestselling author Anthony Summers was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2012 for his acclaimed account of the 9/11 attacks, The Eleventh Day. In these three exposés, Summers uncovers the truth behind the myth-making, cover-ups, and lies surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the career of infamous FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Goddess: In this “remarkable” New York Times–bestselling biography of the iconic star’s brief life and tragic end, Summers establishes, after years of rumors, that President Kennedy and his brother Robert were both intimately involved with Monroe in life—and in covering up the circumstances of her death (The New York Times). “Convincing evidence of a crude but effective cover-up which was designed to protect Robert Kennedy.” —The Times Literary Supplement Not in Your Lifetime: Updated fifty years after the JFK assassination, Summers’s extensively researched account is comprehensive and candid, shedding new light on Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby in particular, providing “the closest we have to that literary chimera, a definitive work on the events in Dallas” (The Boston Globe). “Fresh and important . . . We rush on through [Summers’s] narrative as if we were reading an artful thriller.” —The New York Times “An awesome work, with the power of a plea as from Zola for justice.” —Los Angeles Times Official and Confidential: This “enthralling” New York Times–bestselling portrait of J. Edgar Hoover plumbs the depths of a man who possessed—and abused—enormous power as the director of the FBI for fifty years, persecuting political enemies, blackmailing politicians, and living his own surprising secret life, haunted by paranoia (Paul Theroux). “An important book that should give us all pause, especially policy makers.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer “Summers’ book is not just a history of a single hero-sized hypocrite, it is a history of a vast national delusion.” —The Spectator
Ein Vater mit Baby, 3 weiteren Kindern und Hund gehen auf Bärenjagd. Als sie einen Bären aufstöbern, dreht dieser den Spiess um: die tapferen Helden müssen schleunigst die Flucht ergreifen. (ab 4)
Und dann war er da! Acht Meter groß war er. Seinen schwarzen Umhang trug er so elegant wie ein vornehmer Herr. Die dünne Trompete hatte er immer noch in der Hand. So schritt er würdevoll über den königlichen Parkrasen auf das Fenster zu. Die Zofe kreischte. Die Königin seufzte. Und Sophiechen winkte. Der gute Riese GuRie pustet den Menschenkindern mit einer Trompete schöne Träume in die Schlafzimmer – bis Sophiechen ihn eines Nachts dabei entdeckt. Kurzerhand nimmt sie der GuRie mit ins Riesenland, wo nicht alle Riesen so nett sind wie er. Ganz im Gegenteil: Sie fressen sogar Menschen! Gemeinsam schmieden Sophiechen und der Riese einen Plan, wie sie den bösen Riesen ein für alle Mal das Handwerk legen können. Doch dafür brauchen sie die Hilfe der englischen Königin ... Ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Jugendliteraturpreis

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