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"He didn't know his age, the year, or his surroundings, but he knew his life could still make a difference. On this path, he went forward with his heart. Every emotion was authentic. Each moment was new-but it was also full of love, anger, or fear, and he had to travel through it." In a matter of days, Eve Soldinger's life and family changed utterly: Her beloved father was diagnosed with dementia. The challenges are those every adult child faced with caring for an aging parent will recognize: How do I see to his needs? How do I protect him? How do I explain to others? But her insight and experience also bring a fresh, hopeful perspective. Discover with Eve and her family how they not only coped with practical challenges, but transformed heartbreaking years into a time of laughter, growth, and love-unexpected gifts that will enrich the lives of all families who walk this path.
NEW 2009 EDITION ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION RECOMMENDED RESOURCE An Alzheimer's Surprise Party investigates the widely held belief that dementia is only a "mindless pathology." Instead, the authors discover an essential, soulful, spiritual process that can be facilitated right from Alzheimer's onset. This book provides pioneering and innovative research on the Alzheimer's pandemic, and serves as an intimate, intense, compelling beacon, shining light on the disease's potential for deeper meaning and spiritual healing. "I strongly recommend this as an original method of understanding and dealing with people in Alzheimer's and other dementias." DR. ARNOLD MINDELL, PhD, founder of Process Oriented Psychology "This book is revolutionary in providing hope and meaning for patients, relatives, friends, caregivers and professionals in the management of Alzheimer's and other dementias." DR. ROSEMARY SHINKWIN, MD, MRCPsych
When it comes time to provide care for those who once cared for us, where can we turn? This book offers practical guidance for a broad range of caregiving situations when family caregivers assume their new role. Uses the latest research and draws on case histories and interviews. Is a resource as well as a source of inspiration, with a blend of powerful stories and practical advice. Helps caregivers cope with numerous challenges, including parents who need but refuse help; siblings who don’t get along; the complexity of healthcare systems; financial issues; juggling work and caregiving; the use of technology; the power of connecting with a loved one who has dementia; and realizing the benefits amid the burdens of caregiving.
For the weary dementia or Alzheimer's caregiver If you are a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, you carry a heavy load. On top of having to watch someone you love suffer, you are probably losing sleep, growing frustrated, and struggling with loneliness or even depression. With little to no help and no time for a break, this unrelenting stress is hard to carry. Whether that’s you or someone you know, the caregiver needs care, too. Grace for the Unexpected Journey: A 60-Day Devotional for Alzheimer’s and Other Dementia Caregivers provides that support. Each daily devotion: Is short, ideal for demanding schedules Reflects on a relevant Scripture passage Features a relatable caregiving story Offers a key Scripture for meditation Debbie Barr is a speaker, health educator, and the author of multiple books, including Keeping Love Alive As Memory Fades (coauthored with New York Times bestselling author Gary Chapman). As a health educator with a deep concern and compassion for dementia caregivers, she saw their need for faith-based encouragement. With compassion and understanding she uses Scriptures to address their practical hardships and spiritual concerns. When the struggles seem insurmountable, this devotional offers strength. When stress floods in, it points to peace. And when darkness falls, it illuminates hope. Caregivers walk a long, difficult road. This devotional gives grace for their journey.
In this perception-changing book, psychotherapist and healer Maggie La Tourelle gives a moving account of her evolving relationship with her mother, who has Alzheimer's. Providing practical advice and bringing new insight and understanding to Alzheimer's, this multi-dimensional story demonstrates the healing power of love and shows how, by being open and seeking meaning, we can find wisdom in the midst of confusion. Including the latest research into neuroscience and altered states of consciousness, the book offers hope and a way forward for those affected by this devastating disease. It concludes with a useful care guide for the physical and emotional needs of people with Alzheimer's.
ON THIS JOURNEY OF LIFE AND ITS MUNDANE BYWAYS, And the trials and tribulations experienced by many of us on this "stage" Called life, on which the players were are called to be, in some way offering Understanding, Enlightenment, and possibly clarity, on our great adventure of life's realization with - (POEMS OF) ( FEELING AND THOUGHT. ) A gift to my children ( Tash and Josh ) (Peace)

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