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"He didn't know his age, the year, or his surroundings, but he knew his life could still make a difference. On this path, he went forward with his heart. Every emotion was authentic. Each moment was new-but it was also full of love, anger, or fear, and he had to travel through it." In a matter of days, Eve Soldinger's life and family changed utterly: Her beloved father was diagnosed with dementia. The challenges are those every adult child faced with caring for an aging parent will recognize: How do I see to his needs? How do I protect him? How do I explain to others? But her insight and experience also bring a fresh, hopeful perspective. Discover with Eve and her family how they not only coped with practical challenges, but transformed heartbreaking years into a time of laughter, growth, and love-unexpected gifts that will enrich the lives of all families who walk this path.
When it comes time to provide care for those who once cared for us, where can we turn? This book offers practical guidance for a broad range of caregiving situations when family caregivers assume their new role. Uses the latest research and draws on case histories and interviews. Is a resource as well as a source of inspiration, with a blend of powerful stories and practical advice. Helps caregivers cope with numerous challenges, including parents who need but refuse help; siblings who don’t get along; the complexity of healthcare systems; financial issues; juggling work and caregiving; the use of technology; the power of connecting with a loved one who has dementia; and realizing the benefits amid the burdens of caregiving.
At first, Ken Abraham wrote off his mother's changes in behavior as quirks that just come with old age. There was memory loss, physical decline, hygiene issues, paranoia, and uncharacteristic attitudes. He soon realized that dementia had changed her life—and his familiy's—forever. "How is it possible to lose a loved one while he or she is still living, still sitting right in front of you, talking with you, smiling at you—and yet the person you have known and loved for years is somehow gone?" According to the Alzheimer's Association, an estimated 5.4 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer's disease. That's one in eight older Americans. More than likely, that figure includes someone you know and love. As he chronicles his own mother's degenerative condition, New York Times best-selling writer Ken Abraham educates while offering inspiration to help readers cope with and manage their family circumstances. With humor and spiritual reminders of God's command to honor our parents, Abraham encourages readers through often-difficult responsibilities. And though in most cases patients will not recover this side of heaven, he suggests many practical things that families can do to make the experience safer, kinder, and more endurable for everyone involved. When Your parent Becomes Your Child tells the story of one family's journey through dementia while offering hope to family members and friends, that they might better understand the effects of the disease. Dont let this catch you by surprise—be informed before you face the challenges and difficulties of a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia. This book can help.
“Not buying it, huh?” My mother acknowledged her assertion that the woman she pointed out at the rehab center as being her dead husband was a bit of a stretch. But this was the kind of conversation I had with Mom as her cognitive abilities declined and her psychosis fully bloomed. The true, heart-wrenching, and yet hilarious stories at the center of Dementia Sucks were borne of a journal and blog that author Tracey Lawrence kept as her mother transformed from classic Jewish mother, to mildly forgetful Floridian grandma, to geriatric delinquent removed by police for knife-play at a rehabilitation facility. Really. Tracey’s journey takes her from being an established graphic artist in northern New Jersey through bouts of full-time, hands-on caregiving of both her aging parents. She discusses many of the common challenges families face, and provides a humorous and highly educational perspective on her emotionally charged ride through geriatric illnesses, doctors, hospitals, insurance, facilities, family dynamics, and much more. Anyone who has family members they care about will want to read this book. Whether dementia visits or not, some aspect of Tracey’s caregiving journey will likely resonate with, amuse, and enlighten you. The trick to surviving loss after loss is to find the humor in it all and avoid punching anyone, least of all yourself. This irreverent look shows you the way.
A guide to caring for aging and ailing family members, which offers expert advice, illuminating vignettes, and a compassionate approach to building constructive, mutually gratifying relationships When it comes time to provide care for those who once cared for us, where can we turn? Author Jody Gastfriend, a licensed clinical social worker and vice president of senior care for, provides essential guidance to help family caregivers find gratification in their new role. This book offers practical guidance for a broad range of caregiving situations. Using the latest research and drawing on case histories and interviews, Gastfriend has created a resource as well as a source of inspiration for family caregivers. The blend of powerful stories and practical advice helps caregivers cope with numerous challenges, including parents who need but refuse help, siblings who don't get along, the complexity of healthcare systems, financial issues, juggling work and caregiving, the power of connecting with a loved one who has dementia, balancing the benefits and burdens of caregiving, and the use of technology.
The Gift of Alzheimer s is a ground breaking story that brings insight and understanding to Alzheimer s and shines a positive light on this devastating disease. Maggie La Tourelle, a psychotherapist and healer, documents her evolving relationship with her mother who has Alzheimer s, interprets what she is saying and gives a deeply moving account of their journey together. This multidimensional story has all the characteristics of an exciting novel with Maggie La Tourelle as the storyteller. Set in provincial Scotland, it exposes the constraining and unjust social mores of the time. You are drawn into the drama of the family that results from this, and journey with them in their quest for resolution. At a practical level the book informs the reader about the vicissitudes of Alzheimer s, what to do and how to do it. It emphasises the importance of connecting with an open heart and seeking meaning in the midst of confusion with an open mind. At an emotional level it demonstrates the healing power of love and that it is never too late to seek redemption and heal the past. At a soul and spiritual level it is an example of conscious dying, something largely lost in our modern day, Western society. It includes numerous unsolicited examples of ESP, describes the intricate process of dying and reveals many mysteries from beyond the veil. Viewing what happened on this journey in the light of research in the field, Maggie La Tourelle draws certain conclusions and offers a new programme to help others coping with Alzheimer s. She marvels at the extraordinary transformation that took place in all the members of her family and considers how, what she has learned from this life-changing journey might be of value to us all in our lives now.
What is dementia? Does it have a deeper meaning? As a loved-one slips away for us, is she or he entering a higher plane? In her groundbreaking book, The Gift of Alzheimer’s, Maggie chronicles her beautiful journey with her late mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s. Miraculously, instead of destroying the lives of her family, the disease strengthened their bonds and revealed something incredible—the ability of Alzheimer’s to connect those it touches with another world. Including the latest research into neuroscience and altered states of consciousness, the book offers hope and a way forward for those affected by this devastating disease. What follows is the extraordinary story of healing, love, and soul-searching undertaken by Maggie and Pat that will make you rethink everything you believe about Alzheimer’s. In a disease that so many find distressing, the La Tourelle family found peace, renewal, and spiritual growth. This revolutionary book not only changes how we perceive Alzheimer’s, but is also a window into the amazing powers of the human psyche and soul. With The Gift of Alzheimer’s, La Tourelle explores the potential for Alzheimer’s patients and their families to find wisdom and meaning in the midst of tragedy and demonstrates how love, above all else, can heal. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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