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Amazing prophecies of God's plans for the world can befound embedded in the customs of the feasts of Israel. The intricate detail of theprophecies illustrated in the observances of these feasts provide insight intoGod's plan for the ages.
All the feasts from Passover to the Feast of Tabernacles have prophecies of God's plans for the world, embedded in the customs of these festivals that are known by only a few. Many of these revelations are quite shocking. You will be amazed as these mysteries are disclosed, step-by-step in these chapters. God wanted us to be taught His plans through all our senses. Get ready to be stunned as you discover the intricate detail of the descriptions of the prophecies illustrated in the observances of these feasts. You will definitely acquire greater insight into God's plan for the ages. “This book provides some wonderful insights into the prophetic significance of the Feasts of Israel. It will whet your appetite for the Old Testament and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. And it will help you to better understand God's plan for the ages.” —Dr. David R. Reagan, President of Lamb & Lion Ministries. “For anyone who has discovered that the Torah is God’s message to mankind, Michael Norten’s fine work will unlock important insights. His careful research will provide the reader with practical and life-enhancing facts about the feasts. Unlocking the Secrets of the Feasts is an important contribution to those many Christians who turn to the Torah for a glimpse into the mind of God.” —Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President of The American Alliance of Jews and Christians. “Michael Norten's study of Israel's annual feasts is well researched. He shows how four of the seven feasts are paralleled with past events as seen in the New Testament and how three are to be fulfilled in the future. Well written. —Dr. Stanley D. Toussaint, Senior Professor Emeritus of Biblical Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary
Discover how Gods redemptive plan is revealed through the feasts of Israel. You will learn the prophetic purposes of the feasts, how the feasts are fulfilled in Messiah, future implications of the feasts and practical truths for life
Understanding the purpose and traditions of the Jewish feasts will give you a deeper appreciation for your God, your heritage, and the gift of redemption provided by the sacrificial death of Christ. The Fall Feasts of Israel will help you understand three of Israel's most significant festivals: Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. A complete examination of each feast includes a look at its biblical institution, its celebration in the time of Christ, and its observances by Jews today. "The feasts and laws of the Lord were a tutor to lead the Israelites to the Savior...the festivals find their fulfillment in Christ and His New Covenant." This book will give you insight into what God originally intended for the sacrificial offerings.
Discover Jesus Throughout the Old Testament! The son trudges uphill, bearing wood for his own sacrifice; his father has decided to give him up to death. What biblical event does this bring to mind? Is it Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22, or Christ’s passion in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? The kinship between these two stories is deeper than mere coincidence. Christ is present in the story of Abraham and Isaac. In fact, he is present on every page of the Old Testament. Christians seem to have forgotten that the Old Testament has everything to do with Jesus Christ. In Jesus on Every Page, David Murray guides the reader down his own Road to Emmaus, describing how the Scriptures were opened to him, revealing Jesus from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. Dr. Murray’s ten simple ways to seek and find Christ in the Old Testament unveil the face of Christ in the creation, the law, the psalms, the prophets, and the proverbs. Recognizing Jesus in the full breadth of Scripture is important for every Christian. Whether you are preaching Jesus through Old Testament readings or just beginning to discover the reality of Christ in the Old Testament, Jesus on Every Page provides an accessible guide to the increasingly popular subject of Jesus in the Old Testament books. Have your own Road to Emmaus experience and know the Old Testament for what it truly is: full of Jesus.
The Feasts of the Lordcovers all aspects of the biblical feasts...historical background, biblical observance, and prophetic significance"

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