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In recent history, Latin America’s religious landscape has been transformed, not only by Pentecostal/Evangelical growth but also by an increasing diversification of Pentecostalism. Moving beyond classical scholarly explanations of why Pentecostalism originally gained a foothold in a Catholic region, the book at hand explores this diversification.
Much in the Church is being touted as biblical spiritual warfare, even to changing it from being spiritual to be geographical. This book critics spiritual warfare teaching, comparing it to the Bible and offers a biblically reasoned discussion on spiritual warfare.
Stories of contemporary exorcisms are largely met with ridicule, or even hostility. Sean McCloud argues, however, that there are important themes to consider within these narratives of seemingly well-adjusted people who attend school, go shopping, watch movies, and also happen to fight demons. American Possessions examines Third Wave spiritual warfare, a late twentieth-, early twenty-first century movement of evangelicals focused on banishing demons from human bodies, material objects, land, regions, political parties, and nation states. While Third Wave beliefs may seem far removed from what many scholars view as mainstream religious practice, McCloud argues that the movement provides an ideal case study for identifying some of the most prominent tropes within the contemporary American religious landscape. Drawing on interviews, television shows, documentaries, websites, and dozens of spiritual warfare handbooks, McCloud examines Third Wave practices such deliverance rituals (a uniquely Protestant form of exorcism), spiritual housekeeping (the removal of demons from everyday objects), and spiritual mapping (searching for the demonic in the physical landscape). Demons, he shows, are the central fact of life in the Third Wave imagination. McCloud provides the first book-length study of this influential movement, highlighting the important ways that it reflects and diverts from the larger, neo-liberal culture from which it originates.
Beloved pastor and Charismatic leader Derek Prince offers timeless insights into finding your true calling, including seven steps to finding your place in God's service.
Many believers stumble in their spiritual walks due to the relentless temptation of sin. They think they can never be more than conquerors. But this is a lie from Satan-and one that's expressly rebuked by God's word. True and lasting deliverance is possible if kingdom-minded believers will surrender themselves wholly to Jesus Christ and learn to walk in the anointing of God. They just need the right tools. These weapons aren't physical, for the battle isn't against flesh and blood. And although believers have every weapon in their arsenal to defeat the enemy, they must first know whom they're fighting, create a battle plan, and become equipped through God's word to command demons to flee and to declare victory over the stronghold of sin. Demonic activity manifests in anxiety, fear, sexual immorality, witchcraft, and a host of other ways. Believers must identify their demons, internalize the supernatural power of God's word, and speak the truth aloud and with boldness to cast out the darkness once and for all. Don't live in fear that you're not good enough. Don't believe the enemy's lies. It's never too late to enter the fray. Victory can be yours-rise up and take it.

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