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We all sit on the edge of a mystery. We have only known this life, so dying scares us—and we are all dying. But what if dying were perfectly safe? What would it look like if you could approach dying with curiosity and love, in service of other beings? What if dying were the ultimate spiritual practice? Ram Dass and Mirabai Bush began their friendship more than four decades ago at the foot of their guru, Neem Karoli Baba, also known as Maharaj-ji. He transmitted to them a simple philosophy: love everyone, tell the truth, and give up attachment to material things. After impacting millions of people through the years with these teachings, they have reunited once more with Walking Each Other Home to enlighten and engage readers on the spiritual opportunities within the dying process. They generously share intimate personal experiences and timeless practices, told with courage, humor, and heart, gently exploring every aspect of this journey. And, at 86 years old, Ram Dass reminds us, “This time we have a real deadline.” In Walking Each Other Home, readers will learn about: guidelines for being a “loving rock” for the dying, how to grieve fully and authentically, how to transform a fear of death, leaving a spiritual legacy, creating a sacred space for dying, and much more. “Everybody you have ever loved is a part of the fabric of your being now,” says Ram Dass. The body may die, but the soul remains. Death is an invitation to a new kind of relationship, in the place where we are all One. Join these two lifelong friends and spiritual luminaries as they explore what it means to live and die consciously, remember who we really are, and illuminate the path we walk together.
The English writer G. K. Chesterton once wrote: "Nothing taken for granted; everything received with gratitude; everything passed on with grace." These reflections are the author's effort, as an older father, to pass on to his daughter, with grace, what he believes is truly important in life. When his daughter was young, he used to tell her that his constant prayer was to live long enough so that "I can get you raised!" Thankfully, that prayer has been answered. But parenting is a life-long process that evolves as we and our children grow older. Through the years, Dr. Wilcox has discovered that being an older father has advantages and disadvantages. If age gives one more life experience and wisdom, then hopefully these reflections will be a way that he can share his life and wisdom with her and others. Throughout thirty years as a psychotherapist and spiritual director, Dr. Wilcox counseled many fathers who were genuinely trying to be good parents. This book is intended to help fathers influence, in a positive way, the life choices their daughters will make. It is an invitation to explore how we can continue to help our daughters grow spiritually and psychologically into the person God is calling them to become.
The author chronicles the sudden death of his 30-year-old daughter, sharing his personal journey from the ruins of this tragic event, the strength he gained in coping with death, and how his Jewish life, knowledge and community supported him in the mourning process.
When asked, most people want an opportunity to talk with a loved one at least one more time before it's too late. Authors Keeley and Yingling have brought trained ears to the stories of the "experienced living," people who have engaged in final conversations with loved ones-and who have been so glad they did.
'Conversations on a Train' is a light-hearted cross-cultural account of one Bulgarian's life between their country of birth and her adopted home in Australia. Set between 1993–2015, it is a collection of anecdotes, musings, and reminiscences on Bulgarian culture, childhood and homesickness. Regina Ryan (née Stefanova) illustrates how Bulgarians relate to the world and how she adjusted to life in Australia. From her teenage years in Sofia and Burgas through to adulthood in Perth, Regina discusses cultural differences and how she deals with these now as an adult who divides her time between two countries. 'Conversations on a Train' is also Regina's blatant attempt to Bulgarianise the reader.
When Sarah finds four motherless baby bunnies, Sarah's mother explains that living things become part of the universe's energy when they die, and shows her the joy of caring for one of the bunnies that Sarah names Purple Love.
Americans, who sacrificed everything, including their sons and daughters, in an effort to save the world from Germany and Japan during World War II, will forever be known as the Greatest Generation. In this historical novel by veteran Captain Bob Norris, Robert Elliot emerges as an iconic representative of the generation that helped the United States win the war and begin an unrivaled period of prosperity. Fleeing the environmental and economic devastation of the Dust Bowl; Elliot's family moves to the Alaskan frontier to carve out a new life as homesteaders. As a young man, he discovers his two loves: flying airplanes and his eventual bride, Dee. Everything changes for Elliot and for America, on Dec. 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. As a fighter pilot in the Army Air Corps, he engages the enemy; shooting down Japanese planes when his plane is shot down near Borneo, Elliot begins his greatest battle, the fight to survive captivity and return home to Dee. He only thought life in the Dust Bowl and Alaskan frontier were challenging. Being a prisoner of war and his escape is a trial unlike any other. An interesting and historically accurate account of life in the United States before and during WWII from the perspective of a kid growing up in the dust bowl to air combat in the Pacific. The young man then transitions to a fledgling airline business, while offering us a glimpse of what our parents endured in America when they were young. You feel like you were actually there during those earlier, difficult years! Well Done!

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