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The critical role of food in contemporary policy, in the UK, Europe and internationally, is explored in a comprehensive and readable account of current issues, including food rights, patenting, safety, aid, choice and poverty. This landmark collection explores the critical role of food in contemporary national and international policy. The contributors represent different professional and academic perspectives. The contributions challenge state, institutional and agency structures and responses to food as a social policy issue. Most of the contributors write from an empirical research base.
By examining the role of evidence in social policymaking and the extent of its influence, Evidence and Evaluation in Social Policy delves deeply into one of the central questions of the field for the last 20 years. Chronicles the trend towards evidence-based policy over the last decade Assesses the ways in which scarce resources can best be used for the best care, particularly in times of austerity Describes methodological innovation, the ways in which researchers and politicians are working together effectively, and suggestions for future improvement Covers topics such as the role of randomized controlled trials in shaping public policy; the pitfalls of evidence-based policy as a prescriptive ideal; the challenges of measuring public support for policy interventions; and the benefits of engaging local government decision-makers with evaluation research
Crime and Social Policy provides an invaluableexamination of the relationship between social policy and crime. Itdraws on recent empirical research to offer important insights intothe impact of current social policy trends on the lives ofoffenders. Provides an invaluable examination of the critical relationshipbetween social policy and crime management Includes illuminating case studies on the impact of socialpolicies on offenders Reviews current social policy trends and their influence oncrime causation, crime rates, and crime management Discusses the role for social policy in promoting moreeffective reintegration of offenders into the community Draws on recent empirical research ranging from youth crime,anti-social behaviour, ‘problematic families’, andsocial security fraud The collection offers important insights into the impact ofcurrent social policy trends on the lives of offenders
The Times They Are Changing? Crisis and the Welfare State presents a series of readings from international policy researchers that examine the effects of the recent financial crisis on welfare states around the world. Provides comprehensive and in depth coverage of changes in welfare states as a result of the financial crisis Reveals how the financial crisis is changing our perception of the welfare states Features contributions from policy researchers and academics from around the world
Bringing together researchers from the fields of social policy, economics, sociology and clinical psychology, this book offers new evidence on the inter-related problems faced by disability claimants, and identifies important lessons for policy. Explores how reducing the level of UK benefit claiming among those with health limitations has been a priority for successive governments Argues that current policy fails to reflect the evidence that people on long-term disability benefits face a complex combination of barriers to work and social inclusion Demonstrates that there is a need for continuing inter-disciplinary research on the nature of the ‘disability benefits problem’ and the efficacy of current policy solutions and public services
Contracting-out Welfare Services focuses on the design and overhaul of welfare-to-work systems around the world in the light of the radical re-design of the welfare system; internationally based authors utilise a national/program case study, considering employment services policy and activation practices. International contributors bring a global comparative perspective to the subject Contributors are all experts in their field, who also draw on a much longer intellectual legacy Uses employment services as a case study to advance understanding in relation to a host of broader principles and concepts Each paper included within the text uses a national/program case study, and each considers employment services policy in general, and activation practices in particular

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