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This is the most important rugby book of the modern ear. Laced with controversy, it covers the period from when professionalism was adopted after the Tokyo and Paris agreements of 1995, up to and including the 2011 Six Nations Championship. In that time England employed six coaches: Geoff Cooke, Jack Rowell, Clive Woodward, Andy Robinson, Brian Ashton and Martin Johnson. It takes a critical look at them all in a period when England have not won a Grand Slam since 2003. With over half a million players in 2,500 clubs, could we not have done better? England is, after all, the wealthiest playing nation on God's earth and the only Europeans still making a profit. Why then have so many clubs fallen into the dankness of administration or gone out of business altogether like Orrell and Wakefield? Why have clubs like Coventry, London Welsh, Moseley and Bristol experienced financial difficulties? What does the future hold for Blackheath, London Scottish, Waterloo and West Hartlepool, to name but a four of the famous oldies? Is it sensible for clubs to chase after overseas players as Saracens and Leicester have been doing for many a year? Have Exeter caught that particular bug? The book looks at the shambles of the English league system, which is unedifying, cramped and costly. What are Redruth doing if they are playing Blaydon, when the cost of travel is £3,000? Why are the leagues not regionalised? What is the point of the British & Irish Cup? How important is the Heineken Cup? Why is a club promoted to the Aviva Premiership not awarded the same level of financial help as those already in the top division? These and a host of other taxing issues are examined in depth.
This volume examines the nexus between immigration and crime from all of the angles. It addresses not just the evidence regarding the criminality of immigrants but also the research on the victimization of immigrants; on human trafficking; domestic violence; the police handling of human trafficking; the exportation to crime problems via deportation; the vigilantes at the U.S. border; the role of the non-immigration police in the control of immigration; and, the criminalization of immigration policy.
For many decades debates about the future of developed world agriculture policy have been dominated by a long political conflict between European/multifunctional policy regimes and the global trend towards trade liberalisation. The stalemate that had emerged between these two positions by 2000 has now been dramatically reconfigured. This book argues that there are four reasons why this area of policy has now reopened to wider debate: The World Food Crisis of 2008-2011 has signalled a potential end to the era of cheap food. The emergence of climate change as a core policy concern has shifted key targets for agricultural policy. New trends towards 'neo-productivist' agricultural policy have emerged to challenge multifunctional approaches to agriculture. New academic ideas around resilience of food chains and relevant policy interventions have challenged established approaches to achieving agricultural sustainability. Through international case studies this book evaluates how these new policy challenges are having an impact on specific agricultural policy regimes, and what future lessons might be learnt from key policy experiments around neoliberalism and multifunctionality.
Fisher expertly describes and analyzes the growing non-governmental movement throughout the Third World in relation to the global issue of sustainable development, highlighted by the recent Rio Conference. An estimated 200,000 or more indigenous NGOs (non-governmental organizations) at both the grassroots and intermediary levels help fill the void created by the failure of governments to adequately address the escalating, intertwined crises of poverty, environmental degradation, and population. NGOs, a number of which Fisher examines in detail, address the myriad problems associated with dire poverty, environmental destruction, pervasive unemployment, and the grinding exploitation of women. The stimulus to action and group effort is typically the basic need for life's fundamentals--food, shelter, and safety. Fisher points out, however, that NGOs focusing on population have grown less rapidly than those concentrating on enterprise development and/or environmental degradation. Fisher identifies the core abilities within and among NGOs that help them develop effective short-term strategies and also enhance their institutional sustainability in the long run. She demonstrates that this grassroots movement is a vital, growing force in the vast majority of Third World countries, with the potential to undermine the politics of repression and inequality. The international importance of NGOs is increasingly evident, given their ability to network and support one another. Fisher offers a comprehensive, insightful, and substantive assessment of what may be the most hopeful institutional resource available for the sustainable development of the Third World and, therefore, our ultimate survival as a species.

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