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Learn to change the self-critical stories in your mind and rewire your brain so that you gain the self-confidence to build more fulfilling relationships, careers, and social life. Since childhood, our experiences and interactions have shaped the running narrative of who we are and how we view ourselves. When those interactions are painful, many of us have a tendency to internalize the negativity, translating mean or selfish messages given to us by family, friends, or teachers during our youth into truths about who we are—our flaws, failures, and shortcomings.Through practical and easy-to-understand principles and techniques, What Went Right teaches you to recognize and intervene on self-defeating thought processes and uncover your core beliefs about who you really are. Through these exercises, you will learn how your thoughts drive feelings that influence your behaviors. By changing your thinking, you can unlock self-affirming feelings and actions needed to create your new life story and become the person you want to be.
"[W]hat happens when your kid--whom you don't recall lavishing with excessive rewards or money--acts entitled, as though everything should be about his wants or her needs? Good news: from any age, you can help your child evolve into a confident and motivated adult who understands that many of the best things in life are earned"--Back cover.
What Exactly Do You Want out of Life? Most people would say something like, “I want to be happy and have a lot money,” it’s so ubiquitous that it doesn’t mean much. Here is a more interesting question, a question perhaps you’ve never considered before , Can we be happy with no or very little money? Why are we so obsessed with money? Because that seems to be a greater determinant of how our lives turn out. Money can only buys a certain kind of happiness We’ve all heard the saying “money can't buy happiness”, but what does it actually mean? We often think that if we have all the money to buy the things that we want, take a dream vacation, and live in our dream home, then we’ll finally be happy. However, money comes from working. We often have to work enough to earn a high income and that often associated with long work hours, and with very little time to spend with loved ones and doing activities that we enjoy. This lack of time can have a negative impact on social relationships, and with less time to spend the extra money, this can actually make us more miserable. The truth is that you can have all the money but we can't buy the escape out of an illness. Most of us are not aware of it when we are healthy, because we are so busy doing our daily chores and as time goes by, we forget what is important for us and that have all kinds of negative consequences to our psychological well-being. In This Book, You Will Discover.. • The Connection Between Money, Values and Priorities • Undisclosed Clues from People Who have Gone before us • Top Nine Regrets of Patients that are at the end of their Life • Power of Reframing - a Skill that will Serve you a Life Time • The Truth about Happiness – Spending Alignment • The One Thing that you have to Focus on if you want to be Happy Grace will teach you how to shift your beliefs about money, using the power of reframing, and how to spend in line with your values, so you can spend money and feeling happy and fulfilled about yourself. Would You Like To Know More? Scroll to the Top and Download Now
Outlining a new, optimistic way to understand autism, this concise and accessible book offers practical ideas to help children on the spectrum grow. The Polyvagal Theory suggests autism is a learnt response by the body - a result of the child being in a prolonged state of 'fight or flight' while their nervous system is still developing. This book explains the theory in simple terms and incorporates recent developments in brain plasticity research (the capacity of the brain to change throughout life) to give parents and professionals the tools to strengthen the child's brain-body connection and lessen the social and emotional impact of autism.
The Enlightenment of Work is about ending the suffering when we feel anger, misery and unhappiness with unenlightened work. This book is essential for anyone wishing to: Transform your suffering at work: Suffering can come in many ways. It can come through feeling aimless and bored where the only reason for being there is to collect a salary each month. It can come through stress, overwork and burnout. This book offers a simple philosophy: suffering happens - but we can transform that suffering. Realise their innate gifts, talents and purpose: Most work disconnects us from knowing our authentic self - our essence or soul. Trust your courage, ideas, intuition, and discover your true self. Reclaim their time: Time is your most precious resource and one you cannot afford to waste. However, many of us work in busy environments that leave little time for real thinking or reflection, or for doing anything very new or interesting. Busy and idle minds can get locked into different forms of anxiety about the past and the future. The changing world of work demands emotional and spiritual intelligence. No one has to stay with work that oppresses the spirit. This new world is about choice.
The Reframe Game is a must have book. This book ispractical and filled with ageless wisdom that will changeyour life in the most positive ways. The Reframe Gamewill help you shift out of those ever present, nagging,negative thought patterns that weigh you down and hold you back. The authors provide many simple and powerful examples of positive self-talk that will upliftyou and lead you to deep self-love. Changing your inner dialogue will change any area of your life, onebelief at a time, one conditioned thought at a time -it really works!
The simple fact is, we all want to be happy. In Megamorphosis, best-selling author Michael Yergin gives us the tools for our body and mind to make us happieror just reaffirm that we are happy in our lives now. With it you can learn how to be your own life coach. Using anecdotal examples, Yergin weaves an insightful and humorous social commentary as he shows us exactly how to become happier and view life more positively. His suggestions include: Never focus on what you dont want Use creative visualization to realize your goals Start an exercise program Learn to laugh more Become childlike, not childish Program your dreams to concentrate on happy or positive events In Megamorphosis, Yergin candidly shares some of his lifes lessons for success and his poignant and personal insights and mistakes. His brothers death and the disheartening events of 9/11 prompted Yergin to seek solutions to being unhappy and depressed. A message of hope and faith, Megamorphosis is an engaging discussion of positive psychology. Its about making a great and lasting changeone step at a time.

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