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Whether your child is being tested for learning disabilities or gifted-&-talented programs, or being screened for lead poisoning, a parent who hasn1t mastered the vocabulary of testing may find their child shortchanged. This comprehensive guide provides parents with essential information for 150 medical, educational, and psychological tests that their children may encounter from infancy through adolescence. A full description of each test includes: who must administer the test and under what conditions; what the test tests for and what it cannot reveal; what preparation is required; what affects scoring; and what follow-up testing might be recommended.
Austin, Texas child injury attorney David Todd explains what you should know before you call a lawyer when you child has been hurt by someone else's negligence. Learn how to avoid the common mistakes made by parents of injured children that can destroy their case. Protect your child's injury claim and learn how to pursue their accident case.
The Everyday Mathematics (EM) program was developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP) and is now used in more than 185,000 classrooms by almost three million students. Its research-based learning delivers the kinds of results that all school districts aspire to. Yet despite that tremendous success, EMoften leaves parents perplexed. Learning is accomplished not through rote memorization, but by actually engaging in real-life math tasks. The curriculum isn’t linear, but rather spirals back and forth, weaving concepts in and out of lessons that build overall understanding and long-term retention. It’s no wonder that many parents have difficulty navigating this innovative mathematical and pedagogic terrain. Now help is here. Inspired by UCSMP’s firsthand experiences with parents and teachers, Everyday Mathematics for Parents will equip parents with an understanding of EM and enable them to help their children with homework—the heart of the great parental adventure of ensuring that children become mathematically proficient. Featuring accessible explanations of the research-based philosophy and design of the program, and insights into the strengths of EM, this little book provides the big-picture information that parents need. Clear descriptions of how and why this approach is different are paired with illustrative tables that underscore the unique attributes of EM. Detailed guidance for assisting students with homework includes explanations of the key EM concepts that underlie each assignment. Resources for helping students practice math more at home also provide an understanding of the long-term utility of EM. Easy to use, yet jam-packed with knowledge and helpful tips, Everyday Mathematics for Parents will become a pocket mentor to parents and teachers new to EM who are ready to step up and help children succeed. With this book in hand, you’ll finally understand that while this may not be the way that you learned math, it’s actually much better.
This book is designed to help parents who want to act in the capacity of "manager" to their child's entertainment career. I was a mom who managed her daughter which is why I was a "Momager". Some of The Topics Covered In Momager Notes Are: Unions, Agents, Managers, Acting Schools, Auditions, Casting, What not to do (Scams), Headshot/Resume requirements, Cover Letters, Actor Workshops/Showcases, Reels, Marketing (PR) packages, Dance Schools, Pageants, Dance competitions and More! I Will Also Explain: what age they should start training, how to recognize their true talent, how to build a strong foundation and nurture the talent, where they should train and why, how often should they train, money/time requirements, unsupportive family/friends and how to deal with them, what age (in my opinion) should they start going on professional auditions, how to handle their first big break, college or career? (tough decisions), rejection, what to look for in a good acting school, dance teacher/school, vocal coach and much, much more! This book is a must read if you think your child has what it takes to have a future in the area of TV, film or Broadway, and, you as a parent want to be the one to manage their career and not hand it over to a stranger.

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