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A Shocking Glimpse into Hell
In 1995, Jesus Christ brought Shradha Philip to hell. On this visit and those that followed, Shradha witnessed all types of people, from famous celebrities to backslidden pastors, undergoing an eternity of unspeakable torture. Although each individual's situation was different, all had the same desperate plea: You must warn my loved ones so they don't end up here.Hell is a real and terrible place, and it is not God's desire for anyone to go there. This book was written out of obedience to God as a warning for all people. Where Their Worm Does Not Die and Fire Is Not Quenched will inspire you to live for Christ and reach others so they too can escape the eternal torment of hell and spend eternity in the glorious splendor of heaven.
Two commercial jets fly into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. Within minutes thousands of lives are lost. An airliner explodes in midair, killing hundreds. Earthquakes in the Indian Ocean, in Pakistan and in Haiti decimate countries and leave tens of thousands instantly dead. These disasters, through the modern marvel of global communication, command our attention and remind us of the fragility of human life. The magnitude of the events and the large numbers of deaths in these disasters bring us to momentary reflection on the realities of life. Yet most of us, if not personally affected, soon return to our normal business with little thought of those who perished. Tomorrow death will take over 150,000 from this earth. The next day we can expect about the same number. This is an average of almost two people every second. Most will simply leave quietly and unnoticed by but a few. We usually give it little thought, yet the Grim Reaper is indeed always lurking stealthily in the shadows. Eternity may be only One Heartbeat Away. The author examines the disposition of the body and the soul at the conclusion of our time on earth. Many look forward to a blessed eternal existence. Many will be met with a less favorable fate. As certain as this transition is, it is often omitted in our life-planning. The stakes of this omission are high. The author calls us to seriously consider the claims made here and their implications for us.
Want to know how to live the Christian life? Learn from one of the foremost authorities, John Wesley, in this single-volume library of journal selections, sermons, and other addresses, essays, and letters. Two and a half centuries ago, the great Methodist distinguished himself as one of the world’s greatest authorities on the committed Christian life. Now, his most powerful writings have been compiled under one cover, perfect for personal study, pastoral research, or Christian school use. Including sermons on conversion, growth in grace, and practical holiness; essays on theological questions; personal letters; even hymns written and translated by Wesley, this all-in-one resource has been lightly updated for ease of reading, featuring scripture from the New King James Version.
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TITANIC was big and seductively beautiful. However, she turned out to be lethal. Today's Titanic is far bigger, far more seductive and infinitely more lethal. Millions of Christians are riding her with the same overconfident sense of safety that caused people on the last Titanic to perish. Are you on Today's Titanic? Will you get off in time? Interact at
The Essential Evangelical Parallel Bible enables readers to easily compare a quartet of modern translations that span the full range of approaches, from the most precise and literal to the most dynamic and reader-friendly. The New King James Version and English Standard Version permit close word-study, while the New Living Translation and The Message present the text as its earliest audiences might have experienced it. The complete texts of the four translations featured in this volume are conveniently displayed on facing pages (two translations per page), with the same set of verses on each one. The EEPB is particularly noteworthy because it is the first parallel Bible to feature the updated NLT text.

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