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A Shocking Glimpse into Hell
Want to know how to live the Christian life? Learn from one of the foremost authorities, John Wesley, in this single-volume library of journal selections, sermons, and other addresses, essays, and letters. Two and a half centuries ago, the great Methodist distinguished himself as one of the world’s greatest authorities on the committed Christian life. Now, his most powerful writings have been compiled under one cover, perfect for personal study, pastoral research, or Christian school use. Including sermons on conversion, growth in grace, and practical holiness; essays on theological questions; personal letters; even hymns written and translated by Wesley, this all-in-one resource has been lightly updated for ease of reading, featuring scripture from the New King James Version.
No one on the planet can deny the Physical Signs of the Era in which we live. We see them every day on television, the internet or in newspapers. But, the Real Signs are "unseen" and are Spiritual in nature. In the King James Bible, Deception is not only mentioned four times in Matthew chapter twenty-four, but Jesus mentions it first among the signs of the end. Certainly it must be among the most significant and perhaps the most powerful sign before His return. We will discover this is great detail as we study the Bible together. Satan, the enemy of all mankind tried to pollute the blood line of Messiah in order to stop any hope for redemption for mankind in Genesis Chapter 6, however, when that failed he tried to murder the descendants of the Messiah and eventually baby Jesus through King Herod. He failed yet again! Now the Dragon has his sights on the Gospel message itself. The Devil knows that the Gospel is power and brings humanity out of the Darkness of this fallen world and into the Light of Jesus Christ. Knowing his time is limited, Satan has started the final campaign to pervert and change the true Gospel into a false gospel called "Mental Jesus!" By the Grace of God, we will examine his methods, weapons and strategies using the Word of God to expose his plans. Mental Jesus is an eye-opening realistic book that exposes the darkest Deception the enemy has ever attempted... to destroy the Gospel and replace the "Good" seed with an "Evil" seed. This produces false coverts over and over again. But, "fear not" the Lord says because 1 John 4:4 says "You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." Amen.
Inspired by God and written with Love. This Age is soon coming to an End. Read this book, it could change your life and cause you to live forever in the soon coming of the Kingdom of God.
The Bible warns that everyone who does not believe will learn with a shudder that God is indeed angry. The next realization will be that its personal, that God is angry with me. By then it will be too late. I seek through the Holy Spirit to introduce you to the ramifications of biblical truth to your personal eternity. This is universal to all people of any era, any race or color, any language, any culture, and any nation. God is in total control whether we can see it or not. With God there is only one racethe human race. As individual human beings created by God, we all will face the Last Judgment. Do you want your wages from God, what you have earned? I dont! For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23). I have earned death, but instead of my wages God gives me life as his free gift, which I have not earned and can never earn. Now to him who works the reward is not reckoned of grace but of debt. But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness . . . Blessed is he whose iniquity is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin (Romans 4:45, 78). For my eternal life, I need mercy, not justice! I need Christs righteousness in my account, not my own bankrupt ersatz righteousness from fig leaves that I try to palm off as good works from my own sinful heart! I need the heart-lung transplant described in Ezekiel 36:2627, not some superficial attempt to improve my appearance!
"Complementary translations encourage in-depth study of the Scriptures" Bible study leaders, Scripture students, preachers, and people curious to see their favorite biblical texts in different translations will benefit from this volume. The same set of verses from both the NKJV and the Amplified Bible appear in side-by-side columns on each page, making for effortless verse comparison. And, readers will appreciate this edition's easy-to-read type, which is larger than that used in other parallel Bibles. FEATURES - 9.4 point type - Black letter text NEW KING JAMES VERSION Completely updated, this translation remains faithful to the accuracy and beauty of the KJV, yet uses contemporary, readable language. AMPLIFIED BIBLE Displaying additional words that communicate shades of meaning in the original text, this translation expands the reader's understanding of the Scriptures.
Of all the teachings of Christianity, the doctrine of hell is easily the most troubling, so much so that in recent years the church has been quietly tucking it away. Rarely mentioned anymore in the pulpit, it has faded through disuse among evangelicals and been attacked by liberal theologians. Hell is no longer only the target of those outside the church. Today, a disturbing number of professing Christians question it as well. Perhaps more than at any other time in history, hell is under fire. The implications of the historic view of hell make the popular alternatives, annihilationism and universalism, seem extremely appealing. But the bottom line is still God’s Word. What does the Old Testament reveal about hell? What does Paul the apostle have to say, or the book of Revelation? Most important, what does Jesus, the ultimate expression of God’s love, teach us about God’s wrath?Upholding the authority of Scripture, the different authors in Hell Under Fire explore a complex topic from various angles. R. Albert Mohler Jr. provides a historical, theological, and cultural overview of “The Disappearance of Hell.” Christopher Morgan draws on the New Testament to offer three pictures of hell as punishment, destruction, and banishment. J. I. Packer compares universalism with the traditional understanding of hell, Morgan does the same with annihilationism, and Sinclair Ferguson considers how the reality of hell ought to influence preaching. These examples offer some idea of this volume’s scope and thoroughness.Hell may be under fire, but its own flames cannot be quenched by popular opinion. This book helps us gain a biblical perspective on what hell is and why we cannot afford to ignore it. And it offers us a better understanding of the One who longs for all people to escape judgment and obtain eternal life through Jesus Christ.

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