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Adoption is a beautiful event, and building a family through adoption is a loving and selfless act. But the decision to adopt and the many stages that follow are often pock-marked with tears, distress, anger, and disappointment. While We Wait, written by a mother who struggled through the process herself, is a hope-filled collection of reflections on the everyday, practical aspects of adoption but also offers a spiritual grounding for frustrated and stressed-out prospective parents. Topics addressed include: Adopting after Infertility; The Unknown "Due date"; The paperchase; Rude strangers; Extended family; Living in the present--publisher.
Best Catholic Spirituality Writing 2012 is a compilation of 30 essays published in the National Catholic Reporter. Since its founding in 1964, NCR has published many well-known authors of Catholic spiritual writing. This collection features works from Michael Leach, John Dear, Kathy Coffey, Michael Sean Winters, Joe McHugh, Melissa Nussbaum, Michael Morwood, Robert McAllister, James Behrens, Miriam Therese Winter, Heidi Schlumpf, Sidney Callahan, Joyce Rupp, Claire Bangasser, Sharon Abercrombie, Fran Rossi Szpylczyn, Nicole Sotelo, Tina Beattie, Jay Cormier, James Martin and Marty Haugen. From prayer to creation spirituality; the legacy of the Second Vatican Council to Facebook, NCR’s Best Catholic Spirituality Writing 2012 takes you through the Catholic liturgical year with reflections from 21 authors.
There is a historic life movement coming to the body of Christ! To be pro-life is to be pro-child. Since 1973, the church has protested Roe v. Wade—the US Supreme Court case that declared on-demand abortion as a right. The church is commanded to stand against darkness, but it also has an authority and responsibility to shine brightly and drive out the shadows. It’s time for a new, proactive life movement that answers the critics and empowers the church to walk out the mandate of Malachi 4:5-6, turning our hearts toward the children. Randy and Kelsey Bohlender share their inspiring story of embracing the call to be pro-child. This book will mobilize you to join the body of Christ and: Break the orphan spirit upon a generation Sift through the facts and myths about adoption Play your unique role in raising up the Moses’ in this hour Adoption is the next frontier for those who call themselves pro-life. Take your place in ushering in this historic life movement!
More than five million people in the United States are adopted. Given the birth parents, adoptive parents, siblings, grandparents, and other extended family members connected to each adoptee, the number of Americans whose lives are directly, intimately affected by the adoption of a child reaches into the tens of millions. Truly Yours is a candid, poignant book for all of them, and for all whose lives may yet be touched by the wondrous experience of adoption.With a thoughtful introduction by author Laura Dail, an adoptive mother, Truly Yours is full of quotes by Art Buchwald, Dale Evans, George Burns, Jamie Lee Curtis, Barbara Walters, Rosie O'Donnell, the Dalai Lama, and others. These diverse voices share observations, from funny to wise, on the joys and challenges of adoption.The number of Americans seeking to adopt has doubled over the past two years, after having held steady since 1970. Adoption is rising to the forefront of the national consciousness. Consumer interest in products-particularly books-created especially for adopted families has never been higher. Truly Yours is a beautiful and timely book for this audience, and your customers will be delighted to discover it.
What to do when you’ve been called to adopt and practical advice to make it work Mary Ostyn married her sweetheart at nineteen, and the pair had four kids by their eighth anniversary. When their youngest was three, God opened their eyes to the needs of orphans all over the world—and answered Mary’s longing for another baby. Over the next nine years the couple adopted two boys from Korea and four girls from Ethiopia. Ostyn, a beloved adoption writer and blogger, shares—alongside stories from other adoptive families—the practical tools and resources she uses to thrive as an adoptive mom. In Forever Mom, she reveals how to: build heart connections prepare your other children for new siblings help babies, toddlers, and older children settle in implement attachment parenting address misbehavior while remaining connected nurture your marriage in the midst of it all Whether you’re the parent of an adopted child or interested in pursuing adoption, Ostyn’s warm advice and fresh perspective will inspire, inform, and affirm. You’ll walk away confident you will be the perfect mom for whatever child God brings into your life.
Who is God? That is the question Elizabeth A. Johnson has spent her life exploring. As a Catholic theologian, writer, teacher, and religious woman, Johnson has searched for “the Living God” and ways to understand God that make sense for our time, perhaps most famously in her groundbreaking book She Who Is. Her work is firmly grounded in the Catholic tradition while it explores the edges of that tradition, pushing it to be more inclusive—a project that has caught the attention of other scholars, everyday Catholics, and sometimes critics. Johnson’s own relationship with God as Holy Mystery has helped her to navigate her life’s challenges, including finding herself thrust into the spotlight as a headline-making symbol of religious women facing challenges from the church leadership. With this first biography of one of the preeminent Catholic theologians of our time, those who have been enriched by Johnson’s work will now find themselves inspired by her remarkable life story.
For those praying about building a family through adoption, this easy-to-read, straight-forward guide is a valuable insight. Called to Adoption offers tips, and up-to-date, relevant information every parent considering adoption should know. Readers will identify with author Mardie Caldwell's personal and professional experiences, making this resource a vital handbook as parents take steps to adopt. This book allows hopeful adoptive parents to discover: -The single most important decision to make before beginning any path to adoption. -How to select the right adoption professional. -Creative ideas to fund your adoption. -The proven formula for adoption success. -The shocking need for Christian Adoption. -Encouragement from God's word throughout the adoption process. -How to quickly get started toward adoption. Called to Adoption also outlines the differences between types of adoption and offers step-by-step guidance to adopt safely and successfully. Featuring stories from Caldwell's own adoption experience, as well as from other adoptive parents, this book will prepare adopting parents for the logistic and emotional sides of adoption. This book is recommended for Christians interested in becoming adoptive parents, or who may support those facing an adoption journey, as well as for those who want to understand the need for Christian adoption. As founder and CEO of Lifetime Adoption Center, Caldwell has assisted thousands of families find answers to questions regarding the decision to adopt. This book also includes a special section for families considering the decision about moving from fertility treatments to adoption.

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