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Gabby knows God is the God of second chances. But can she give one to the man who betrayed her? When she was thrown out of the penthouse she shared with her husband and their sons, Gabby didn’t know if she’d ever find a soft place to land. But after seeking refuge at the shelter where she works, extraordinary things happen as she is reintroduced to God. From the ashes of her marriage comes the House of Hope—a safe haven for homeless moms and their children. But now those ashes of her destroyed marriage are being stirred again. When her long-gone husband’s life hits rock bottom, he reappears and asks for one more chance. And Gabby faces what feels like an impossible choice. Take him back. Or keep moving forward without him. Toward someone new who hasn’t betrayed her. Is God redeeming what Gabby thought was gone forever? Or is He leading her down a different path and giving her something—and someone—new?
First published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Island Shelter recounts the childhood, young adulthood and current life experiences of Karen Kiaer, a woman who overcame great odds to recover from the disease of alcoholism. Daughter, wife, mother, and now grandmother, every woman who struggles with addiction and who self medicates yet continues to pretend everything is under control will learn the valuable insights that helped transform Karens attitudes through painful personal traumas, and out the other end of a very long journey the journey of alcohol recovery. After losing her husband to cancer, Karen finds herself alone with three young boys to raise, no job, no money, multiple lawsuits, fears of the mob seeking retribution against her husband for non payment of loans, an out of touch, insensitive mother, and a notice that her beautiful island home has been placed on the public auction block. The nurturing tenderness and intimacy of a nine year relationship with another woman may have helped her back to psychic wholeness, but in the end, for addicts, if the relationship is not meant to be forever, the sexual behavior simply becomes another addiction, another way to fill up the hole of separation and emptiness. All of these things Karen does to escape, avoid, and numb out the stash of fears and pain that has been embedded deep in her cells for decades, like chiggers that fester and brood until someone finally puts a match to them. Her journey shows us how, when faced with adversity and uncertainty, the battle between the higher self and the destructive self is fierce. What helps get her through the cravings and temptations is her love of gardening which quickly becomes a physical and meditative outlet. An art major in college, she had always found joy in the creative process, so painting and pottery become new ways for expressing her creativity in moments without pain. The good news of all of this is that while we addicts may still have a lot of work to do, we are nowhere where we used to be. This generations cycle of abuse and addiction has been broken. Theres no need to numb out anymore youve learned how to love yourself, all of you, including the bad. And with that love comes peace.
The author, M. Dianne Rose, takes the reader on an exciting journey through the trials of her life. You will share all the emotions she has experienced through her battles with life threatening illnesses from a child through adult years. Prepare to be deeply touched by this modern day story of faith and healing. The author also describes the miracle birth of a grandson, as well as two distinct angel rescues while traveling. It is the authors passion that you will gain a new knowledge of the supernatural saving and healing power of God available to every believer. M. Dianne Rose encourages the reader as she shares her heart with a message of hope and encouragement. The book elaborates on her struggles and victories while battling scarlet fever, breast cancer and a brain aneurysm. It is the authors belief that many people suffer needlessly simply because they do not recognize that God is their source in times of need.
The three basic human needs are food, water...and shelter. But in the late 21st century, compassion is a crime. You can get your memories wiped just for trying to help. Papa Preston Walford's world doesn't allow for coincidences. Accidents. Secrets in the backs of closets. Or the needs of his own daughter. Meredith Preston has reason to seek shelter. She needs protection from the monsters in her mind, in her history, in her family. And the great storms of a changing climate have made literal shelter imperative. When a cutting-edge, high-tech house, designed by a genius with a unique connection to Meredith, overcomes its programming to give shelter to a homeless man in a storm, from its closets emerge the revelations of a past too painful to remember. In the world of Susan Palwick's Shelter, perception is about to meet reality, and reality has mud all over it. The truth won't make you happy, but it may just make you whole. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Explores how standardized images of problems and people inform and shape social services for women who have been assaulted.

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