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The third book in the Family Matter series, Why a Daughter Needs a Mominspires mothers to empower their daughters to become strong, purposeful, independent women and reminds daughters that their mothers are some of the strongest, most reliable sources from which they can draw strength and wisdom.
This gift is a heartwarming and poignant record of a baby's unique needs, told from the point of view of little ones and complete with photos and sentiments that capture the beauty of motherhood.
The fourth book in the Family Matters series, Why a Son Needs a Momis a reminder of the important roles a mother plays in a boy's life, as he experiences warmth and security from her and learns to be confident, loving, and accepting of others - in preparation for possibly being a father himself someday.
"I was a difficult child. I tormented my parents with my struggles for independence, disrespect, and disobedience. I was a rebel without a clue. I was not unlike most children and teenagers. I am pretty sure I rarely showed appreciation for what my mom did for me and gave to me. I simple didn't say thank you when I should have. This is my chance. Thank you, Mom." - Best-selling author Gregory E. Lang Lang says that there were many times when hew as hard on his mother and brought pain to her heart. Many times he didn't have the wisdom to take responsibility for his actions or the humility to admit that he was wrong. And yet she loved and cared for him in spite of his misconduct and ingratitude. Now, years later as a parent himself experiencing the tensions of parenting firsthand, he writes Thank You, Mom to express his gratitude to his mother, not just for the many sacrifices she made on his behalf, but also for the patience she extended to him in those turbulent years. In short, he thanks her for never giving up on him. He knows that he can't possibly thank his mother enough for everything she did for him while he was growing up, but in these pages he tries. In doing so, he touches on many universal themes that mothers and their children have always shared. "Thank you for loving me so much when it didn't seem that I loved you at all." "Thank you for helping me with my homework." "Thank you for making sure I learned to understand and respect 'no.'" "Thank you for teaching me how to do my own laundry." "Thank you for listening to me." "Thank you for protecting me from the dangers I couldn't see." Thank You, Mom is a gift book for anyone who wants to tell that special woman that you love her, that you know what she did for you, and that you look to her as the model for what it means to be a parent.
We all search for the person who will complete us, the one who will fill our hearts with joy and bring a sense of security. Once we find this person, falling in love is easy-but staying in love requires effort and commitment. In this book, author Gregory E. Lang gives couples 100 ways to say, "After all these years, these are a few of the many reasons why I still love you." Accompanied by Lang's own beautiful black and white photographs, this is the perfect gift for couples whose love is timeless.
With touching photographs of grandfathers and grandchildren of various ages and races, Why I Love Grandpa gives 100 reasons why grandfathers are truly special. In Why I Love Grandpa, best-selling author Gregory E. Lang and his daughter, Meagan, celebrate the importance of a grandfather in his grandchildren's lives, each reflecting on memories of their own grandfathers. A grandfather's position in the family is honored and almost sacred. With touching photographs of grandfathers and grandchildren of various backgrounds and ages, Why I Love Grandpa gives 100 reasons why grandfathers are truly special.

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