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This book describes powerful, unseen forces that drive some Christians into sexual sins. It includes help and hope for believers who want to stand in the face of overwhelming sexual compulsions, and forgiveness and knowledge for those who have been hurt by fallen leaders.
Its revolutionary approach will still the battleground where carnal thoughts and feelings rage. There's is a solution --a process of spiritual transformation by the renewing of your mind. As you read, new peace and life will fill your innermost being.
Fear of rejection. Loneliness. Depression. Grief. Isolation. What Christian hasn’t experienced these feelings at some time in life? Many wonder why their lives don’t demonstrate the victorious living that they desire, asking questions like: Why can’t I overcome this area in my life? Why is it so difficult for me to change? If I am a Christian, why do I keep falling into the same sinful pattern over and over again? In God’s Power to Change, book two of four in The Transformation Series, readers will learn, in simple ways, how to reach and heal their spirits and the inner spirit of each person to whom they minister. Through the power of His Word and the Holy Spirit, we can change!
This books gives love, acceptance, and healing to the victims of sexual abuse the abused, the abuser, and their families. It is an invaluable tool for those who counsel and minister to lives fractured by sexual abuse. As a professional counselor, Paula Sandford has helped hundreds of sexual abuse victims successfully deal with their fears, guilt, confusion, and depression. In her personal life, she has seen beloved family members victimized by this cruel enemy of childhood and family life. She knows the pain that all the victims share, but she also knows the way to healing. Through the many various stories of tragedy to triumph and practical tools for healing, this book leads the reader into new dimensions of hope, healing, and wholeness.
This foundational book will equip each believer with the basic steps to a life-transforming, deeper intimacy with the Father. Transforming the Inner Man introduces the keys that reach to the depth of the heart with the power of the cross and resurrection to effect lasting change through continual death and rebirth. John and Paula Sandford take a no-nonsense approach to Christian living. A few of their chapter titles are as follows: • Sanctification and Transformation • Performance Orientation • The Central Power and Necessity of Forgiveness • The Role of a Christian Counselor • Bitter-Root Judgment and Expectancy • Generational Sin In this thought-provoking and sensitive message, the Sandfords challenge every believer to focus on change from the inside out. A change that will last.

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