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A Truly Yours Digital Edition. . .All men are just the same. And Christy Conners can give plenty of real-life examples! She's seen her own father betray her mother, and she's seen her own heart broken into little pieces. No, Christy has decided never to trust a man again. A former fashion model, Christy has decided love only exists in fairy tales, and for those who believe in fairy-tale endings. That's why she's pouring all her energy into creating the exclusive, one-of-a-kind wedding gowns that she will never wear. But when Curt Kyle enters Christy's clear-eyed world, her icy resolve begins to melt. Is Curt the man he seems to be, a man she can really trust? Christy's very life may depend on him.
Rediscover this classic romance from bestselling author Tracie Peterson. Jessica is alone in the world except for her infant son. She returns to the ranch where her life began, but Jessica doesn’t know whom she can trust. Will Windridge become the home she has always longed for, or will it be the scene of her final betrayal? Also included is a bonus historical prairie romance from author Joyce Livingston.
Lady Amelia Amhurst has left her regal home in England to travel throughout America on holiday in 1875, but true adventure is hampered by her father, her sisters, and her intended fiancé. That is until she meets their guide to Estes Park, Colorado—the rugged Logan Reed. Will the man and the land change Amelia’s beliefs about the existence of God, the purpose of life, and the possibility of true love? Readers will enjoy this classic from bestselling author Tracie Peterson—along with the bonus historical romance from Amy Rognlie.
At twenty-three, Daughtry Lucas knows she will end up an old maid unless she can somehow escape her overprotective father. He refuses to trust her out of his sight, keeping all prospective suitors at a distance. A newspaper advertisement for a wife seems to offer Daughtry her only hope of escape. In a marriage by proxy, she becomes Mrs Nicholas Dawson and flees her father's ranch. Can this marriage between strangers succeed? Or will the dark strangers from Nick's past prevent Daughtry from truly being his forever?
In this life, each person is destined to contend with trials and tribulations, but many anticipate that one day, after our journeys on Earth are over, we will live with our Father in heaven for eternity. Even though we are forced to face these issues, we are not alone. In Soar on Wings Like the Eagle, author Andrew Choi presents us with a Bible study that shares the hope of the Lord, discussing the fact that Satan is a tempter and deceiver; Jesus's true interpretation of the laws and what they really mean; and many more subjects that affect Christians today. In this five-chapter study, Choi takes us through the Scriptures and shows us how to further our Christian lives and fellowship with our Lord. Each chapter focuses on a unique aspect of issues Christians face on a daily basis from redemption to daily trials, the Lord's unconditional love to God's power that gives us all strength, and how to live a hopeful life, focused on our eternal home in heaven. If you have ever wondered how to find hope in the Lord during times of struggle or how to forgive others and receive strength through the power of the Lord, Soar on Wings Like the Eagle will show you the way.
Recreates the harrowing, real-life adventure of the successful prison break engineered by Col. Bull Simons, a World War II and Vietnam commando, who rescued two Texans imprisoned in a Teheran jail on behalf of Ross Perot. Reprint.
Why Walk When You Can Soar? Christian, are you tired? Discouraged? Overwhelmed? Ready to throw in the towel? A feeling of defeat was not God's true design for serving Him. Andrew Murray provides refreshing insights on the power of effective prayer and the strength to be found in waiting on God. With wise counsel from the Word of God, he emphasizes the solutions for the ageless problem of spiritual exhaustion. As you grasp these simple biblical truths and effectively incorporate them into your life, you will find yourself able to soar with eagles' wings.

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