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Als ihr Vater stirbt, verlieren die ungleichen Schwestern Meredith und Nina Whitson ihren größten Rückhalt. Auf dem Totenbett hat er ihnen das Versprechen abgenommen, sich um die Mutter zu kümmern, die ihr Leben lang kalt und abweisend zu ihren Töchtern war. Als es ihr immer schlechter geht, rückt die Familie enger zusammen. Die ungewohnte Nähe ist eine große Herausforderung für alle. Doch ein dramatischer Zwischenfall lässt die Vergangenheit in neuem Licht erscheinen.
Die Schwestern Meredith und Nina haben es schwer, mit ihrer hartherzigen Mutter Anja zurechtzukommen. Doch der Vater nimmt ihnen auf dem Sterbebett das Versprechen ab, die Mutter dazu zu bringen, ihre Lebensgeschichte zu erzählen. So erfahren sie von Anjas traumatischen Kriegserlebnissen.
Discusses how to use evergreens, twigs and bark, grasses, winter fruit and berries, and early blooming flowers to add color to a garden year-round
Sometimes when you open the door to your mother's past, you find your own future . . . Meredith and Nina Whitson are as different as sisters can be. One stayed at home to raise her children and manage the family apple orchard; the other followed a dream and travelled the world to become a famous photo journalist. But when their beloved father falls ill, these two estranged women will find themselves together again, standing alongside their cold, disapproving mother, Anya, who even now, offers no comfort to her daughters. On his deathbed, their father extracts one last promise from the women in his life. It begins with a story that is unlike anything the sisters have heard before - a captivating, mysterious love story that spans sixty-five years and moves from frozen, war torn Leningrad to modern-day Alaska. The vividly imagined tale brings these three women together in a way that none could have expected. Meredith and Nina will finally learn the secret of their mother's past and uncover a truth so terrible it will shake the foundation of their family and change who they think they are. Every once in a while a writer comes along who navigates the complex and layered landscape of the human heart. For this generation, it's Kristin Hannah. Mesmerizing from the first page to the last, Winter Garden is an evocative, lyrically written novel that will long be remembered.
With his longtime Greek friend Modestos Thromos at his side, Doran plants a winter garden; and as he patiently tills the Grecian soil, he reclaims his integrity, his sense of joy, and his humanity.
Winter. A time when colour, beauty, and fragrance disappear. The garden is prepared for protection against the old and then abandoned. In this book, the authors focus on gardens in the Southeast, meticulously describing the characteristics and vital growth information for each plant. Full-colour, detailed photographs exhibit several of the species from beautiful winter gardens in that region. Plants that endure the cold months successfully are categorised according to the features that make them aesthetic winter adornments: texture; pods, fruits, plumes, and berries; blossoms; fragrance; evergreen foliage.
So who put the body in with the spring bulbs? The merest hint of spring has arrived in Cheshire, and so has young reporter Daisy Dalrymple. The feisty flapper's visit is a breath of fresh air for gloomy Occles Hall. But while photographing the rather barren grounds, Daisy spots that someone's been digging among the first green shoots - and much to her horror unearths the corpse of missing parlour maid Grace Moss. So begins an extraordinary adventure, as first the dead woman's shocking secret is revealed and then Daisy swiftly realizes she needs to catch the killer before she herself is left pushing up the daisies . . . Praise for the Daisy Dalrymple series: 'Manners (P G Wodehouse-style) and mystery get equal time in a low-key story with considerable charm.' Kirkus Reviews 'Engaging . . . Dunn's style gives an entertaining spark.' Publishers Weekly

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