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Delia Montgomery has work for the government for years. She's done everything that they've asked of her and now, she wants to retire. But, she knows that in her line of work, it isn't easy to do that. Angela March is in Witness Protection for doing her job as a City DA in NYC. Her only problem is that she doesn't want to hide and she is notorious for ditching her protection. She has become a thorn in the government's side. So, the government has given Del an option. She keeps Angela alive and she can retire. All she has to do is make sure that Angela gets to the court house on time. Del wonders who she can trust. Angela finally realizes what it means to be on the run.
Cassie Arroyo, an American studying in Rome, has her world ripped apart when someone tries to kill her father, an art history professor at an Italian university. Is she their next target? Cassie sets out to uncover what is happening, only to learn that she is a member of an ancient bloodline that enables her to use the Spear of Destiny--a legendary object that can alter the future. Now running from a secret organization intent on killing those from her bloodline, Cassie must--with the help of some friends--decipher the clues that will lead her to the Spear. Christina Diaz Gonzalez has created a fast-paced thrill-ride of a book, rich with riddles and myth, that young readers will not want to put down.
Ani King left her entire life behind when the Russian mafia brutally murdered her family. The Witness Security Program has kept her safe for two years, but with one simple phone call her cover is destroyed—and there is only one man left who can save her. Protecting the brave, beautiful Ani became more than just a job a long time ago for Deputy Marshal Daniel Parker. And now, just days before the trial where she's slated to give a damning testimony, the criminals who want her dead are on her trail. To keep Ani safe, Daniel has to keep her close—and her enemies closer. Because soon there's nowhere for Ani to hide...but in his arms.
Saving the SEAL Being abducted by a beautiful woman in Cancun wasn't part of Sawyer Houston's R & R mission. Jenna Broyles claims she's rescuing the vacationing navy SEAL from unknown assailants. Only it's her life on the line when the jilted bride becomes a target. The high-end Mexico resort was supposed to be Jenna's honeymoon destination. But after a dangerous discovery forces her to play hero, she's the one in need of the gorgeous stranger's expertise. As Jenna and Sawyer flee across treacherous tropical jungles, the heat between them builds to a fever pitch. Can they make safe haven before Sawyer's secrets get them both killed?
Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful reads packed with edge-of-your-seat intrigue and fearless romance. TROUBLE WITH A BADGE Appaloosa Pass Ranch by Delores Fossen Lawman Levi Crockett would never turn his back on PI Alexa Dearborn and the baby girl in her care. But as a serial killer stalks them, Levi must fight a powerful enemy—the desire between them. NAVY SEAL CAPTIVE SEAL of My Own by Elle James Being abducted wasn't part of Sawyer Houston's R & R mission. Jenna Broyles claims she's rescuing the navy SEAL from unknown assailants. Only, it's her life on the line when the jilted bride becomes a target. TEXAN'S BABY Mason Ridge by Barb Han Bodyguard Dawson Hill is committed to protecting the woman who left him two years ago. Melanie Dixon has returned to Mason Ridge…with his son. Now a madman is threatening the family Dawson never dreamed he could have. Look for Harlequin Intrigue's April 2016 Box set 2 of 2, filled with even more edge-of-your seat romantic suspense! Look for 6 compelling new stories every month from Harlequin® Intrigue!
The whole situation started not more than ten years ago. I was 18. I enrolled in a prestigious university, began Donna Lake's story. Then, she met Matthew Manchino, a smooth, suave Italian boy with all the right moves. At first life was good, marriage came and her life began, one that was full of hope. She had everything; a good-looking husband, a beautiful home, and her school--then it all changed. Drugs, arms dealing--they all became part of life and life wasn't as wonderful as Donna thought it would be. Each day went by, and each day was worse than the next. What was she to do? One day, she woke up and her whole world fell apart--she was dead on paper, but now she had a chance to get her own revenge--through the FBI. Yet, the FBI has its own twists and turns, moles and other insiders, and Donna becomes their player. Who does Donna believe? Is there anyone she can trust? "Pawn: A Novel" is a book about love, lies, deception and a woman's need to survive. It's Donna's tale--her life.
When his father testifies against the mob and his family must participate in the Witness Protection Program, assuming new identities and moving to a new town, Angelo Conti sneaks back to his old town to find his girlfriend and schoolmates being harassed b

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