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On 23 May 2000, the Chinese government sentenced Jennifer Zeng to reeducation through forced labour. Her fellow inmates were drug addicts, prostitutes and traffickers in pornography. Jennifer's only crime was her belief in the three tenets of Falun Gong Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. Struggling with a life-threatening illness and a need to understand her place in the world, Jennifer had immersed herself in many Western and Eastern philosophies before finally finding the answers she was seeking in Falun Gong. A few short years later her newfound faith saw her blacklisted and imprisoned in a purpose-built labour camp. Jennifer was forced to squat for hours in the blistering sun, endure hours of physical and verbal abuse, and knit garments until her hands bled to feed the booming Chinese economy. During this time Jennifer saw many fellow Falun Gong practitioners tortured. Some died, many more remain in the camps today. This is the powerful and moving story of how a bright, successful young scientist and happily married mother survived detention and torture, only to be forced to flee her family and homeland to seek asylum in Australia. A raw and compelling memoir, one which provides a fascinating glimpse into everyday life in China, Witnessing History also exposes a bureaucracy still struggling to disentangle itself from the constraints of Mao's Cultural Revolution.
This book describes the unfolding of a global phenomenon: the legal prohibition of physical punishment of children. Documenting the stories of countries that have either prohibited corporal punishment of children or who are moving in that direction, this volume will serve as a sourcebook for scholars and advocates around the world who are interested in the many dimensions of physical punishment and its elimination.
An accessible and wide-ranging study of the history of the book within local, national and global contexts.
This book shows how we can solve the climate change crisis, which is the greatest threat humanity has faced. Charles Derber, a prominent sociologist and political economist, shows that global warming is a symptom of deep pathologies in global capitalism. In conversational and passionate writing, Derber shows that climate change is capitalism's time bomb, certain to explode unless we rapidly transform our economy and create a new green American Dream Derber shows there is hope in the financial meltdown and Great Recession we are now suffering. The economic crisis has raised deep questions about Wall Street and the US capitalist model. Derber systematically explores the causal links between capitalism and climate change, a taboo subject in the U.S, and opens up new thinking to solve both the economic and climate crises.
Based on a national, empirical survey, this book presents a rich portrait of the Jews of France today. An expanded translation of a French edition, the book explores the demographics, identity, communal participation, social issues and values of this community.
Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg summarized the historical progression of “Christian” Anti-Semitism in this way: 1. You have no right to live among us as Jews. 2. You have no right to live among us. 3. You have no right to live. In this book, I have organized this history chronologically. It shows a pattern repeated again and again from the Roman period through the present day. We witness Crusades, Inquisitions, Expulsions and Pogroms, all of which culminated in the Holocaust. As we study this history we can see the year-by-year, decade-by-decade and century-by-century operation of the spirit of Anti-Semitism. History shows us when, where and how it spread. It temporarily subsides in one place and then emerges in another. We are witnessing its present-day resurgence, not only via violent terrorist attacks but in many other ways as well.
In Memphis, in the 1950s, when fifteen-year-old Johnny Ross is introduced to the blues, he ventures to the infamous Beale Street and develops a friendship with an up-and-coming young musician, Elvis Presley.

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