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The iron curtain has fallen and a screen of nouveau capitalism stands in its place. Though the New Russia is foreign to Renko, the corruption and brutality that he encounters are all too familiar. The seeming suicide of one of Russia's new billionaires leads Arkady Renko to Chernobyl and the Zone of Exclusion, the still radioactive site of great catastrophe - a spectral netherworld populated by the corrupted, the obstinate and the reckless.
Stalin's Ghost Investigator Arkady Renko, the pariah of the Moscow prosecutor's office, has been assigned the thankless job of investigating a new phenomenon: late-night subway riders report seeing the ghost of Joseph Stalin. The illusion seems part political hocus-pocus and also part wishful thinking, for among many Russians Stalin is again popular; the bloody dictator can boast a two-to-one approval rating. Decidedly better than that of Renko, whose lover, Eva, has left him for Detective Nikolai Isakov, a charismatic veteran of the civil war in Chechnya, a hero of the far right and, Renko suspects, a killer for hire. The cases entwine, and Renko's quests become a personal inquiry fueled by jealousy. Wolves Eat Dogs The death of one of Russia's new billionaires leads Arkady Renko to Chernobyl and the Zone of Exclusion—closed to the world since 1986's nuclear disaster. It is still aglow with radioactivity, now inhabited only by the militia, shady scavengers, a few reckless scientists, and some elderly peasants who refuse to relocate. Renko's journey to this ghostly netherworld, the crimes he uncovers there, and the secrets they reveal about the New Russia make for an unforgettable adventure. Three Stations In Three Stations, Renko’s skills are put to their most severe test. Though he has been technically suspended from the prosecutor’s office for once again turning up unpleasant truths, he strives to solve a last case: the death of an elegant young woman whose body is found in a construction trailer on the perimeter of Moscow’s main rail hub. It looks like a simple drug overdose to everyone—except to Renko, whose examination of the crime scene turns up some inexplicable clues, most notably an invitation to Russia’s premier charity ball. Thus a sordid death becomes interwoven with the lifestyles of Moscow’s rich and famous, many of whom are clinging to their cash in the face of Putin’s crackdown on the very oligarchs who placed him in power.
"¿Por qu? alguien saltar por una ventana con un salero?" Una buena pregunta, especialmente cuando la v?ctima de suicidio es Pasha Ivanov, un hombre de negocios en Mosc? el f?sico convertido en multimillonario - una "Nueva Rusia" muchacho del cartel, si alguna vez hubo una - con varias casas, una novia de piernas largas de 20 a?os de edad ("el tipo [de la rubia] que podr?an citar a la atenci?n de la brisa"), y la raz?n todos los que se contenta en su edad madura. As?, se pregunta Investigador Arkady Renko, en perros Mart?n Cruz Smith Coma Lobos, lo que provoc? Ivanov a tomar un cabezazo de su elegante apartamento de 10? piso? ¿Y c?mo se relaciona con el agitador apret? en su mano muerta o el cerro de la sal de mesa que se encuentran en el piso de su armario?
Presents roughly 150 alphabetically arranged entries on fictional detectives and the works in which they appear.
Reading Comprehension for grade 1 is designed to aid in the review and practice of reading comprehension skills. Grade 1 covers standards such as main topic and key details, identifying an author's purpose, summarizing, and inferring. The book includes engaging nonfiction and fiction passages and stories to appeal to all readers. The 100+ Series Reading Comprehension books span grades 1 to 8. The activities in each book reinforce essential reading comprehension skills by providing practice with sequencing, main idea, predicting, and inferring, as well as story elements, character, plot, and setting. The books include engaging grade-appropriate fiction and nonfiction passages and stories. Each book has 128 pages and 100 pages (or more) of reproducible content to help students review and reinforce essential skills in reading comprehension. The series is correlated and aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

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