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What's stopping you from moving forward and going higher? From the time you were born, the enemy of your destiny has been at work pulling you out of God's will through the controlling force of ungodly soul ties. In this book you will learn how these ungodly soul ties have impeded your growth, limited your progress, stolen what rightfully belongs to you, and left you tied to emotional and spiritual baggage. Get ready to break free to break through, as you gain a clear understanding of: What ungodly soul ties are How ungodly soul ties are formed How ungodly soul ties hinder you How to sever them Your time to experience freedom is now. Get ready to embark upon a liberating journey of extraordinary healing and unprecedented breakthrough!"
Some of the ugliest events of life uncovered and exposed. The most uncomfortable topics that are usually ignored and buried are coming to the surface as one woman reflects over her life and recalls some of the most painful experiences she's faced throughout the twenty-nine years of her life. Not only is she telling her story but also giving insightful and inspiring messages at the end of each chapter to help others who have experienced the same or similar situations. She proves that you can overcome all obstacles of life no matter how difficult they may be. This story is truly inspiring and is just what the doctor ordered for healing and new beginnings.
In your hands you hold the combination of the works of Rayola Kelley and Jeannette Haley. Co-founders of Gentle shepherd Ministries in 1989, they have striven to make the glorious truth of Jesus Christ and His redemption a living reality to the hearts of His followers. Included in this book are the Gentle Shepherd Ministries Discipleship Course that has been requested and used by people throughout the world, along with Bible Studies, excerpts from sermons, and articles. Every bit of material in this resource of information has been compiled with one goal in mind, and that is to build up and nurture the life of Christ in the members of His Body, the Church. Although some information will seem repetitious, one must remember the subjects and themes are eternal truths that can and must be approached from different angles to ensure a sound spiritual foundation and a sturdy structure that clearly expresses the new creation mentioned in 2 Corinthians 5:17. The information and challenges put forth in this book will not only nurture the serious disciple of Jesus, but it will bring a well-rounded understanding as to the fundamental beliefs that make up the Christian faith.

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