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New and completely updated edition Hilarious and addictive, this chronicle of a small-town girl’s stint as a celebrity nanny reveals what really happens in the diaper trenches of Hollywood. When Oregon native Suzanne Hansen becomes a live-in nanny to the children of Hollywood über-agent Michael Ovitz, she thinks she’s found the job of her dreams. But Hansen’s behind-the-scenes access soon gets her much more than she bargained for: working twenty-four hours a day, juggling the shifting demands of the Hollywood elite, and struggling to comprehend wealth unimaginable to most Americans, not to mention dealing with the expected tantrums and the unexpected tense–and intense–atmosphere in the house where she lives with her employers. When the thankless drudgery takes its toll and Hansen finally quits, her boss threatens to blackball her from ever nannying in Hollywood again. Discouraged but determined, Hansen manages to land gigs with Debra Winger and then Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. Attentive, welcoming parents with a relaxed attitude toward celebrity–looks like Hansen’s fallen into a real-life happy ending. But the round-the-clock workdays continue, rubbing some of the glitter off L.A. living, and Hansen’s not sure how much longer she can pretend to be Mary Poppins. Even bosses who treat her like family can’t help as she struggles to find meaning in her work while living in a town that seems to lack respect for nannies and everyone else who comes in the employee’s entrance–but without whom many showbiz households would grind to a halt. Peppering her own journey with true stories and high drama experienced by other nannies to the stars, Hansen offers an intriguing, entertaining mix of tales from the cribs of the rich and famous. You’ll Never Nanny in This Town Again is a treat for everyone who is fascinated by the skewed priorities of Tinseltown, for anyone who has wondered how high-wattage supermoms do it all, and for readers who love peeking behind the curtains of celebrity, all of whom will devour this unparalleled–and unabashedly true–account of one girl’s tour of duty as Hollywood’s hired help. From the Hardcover edition.
America's nanny offers a large dose of healthy parenting advice with secrets for raising happy, secure, and well-balanced babies and toddlers. Babies don't come with instructions. And since today's parents are so overwhelmed with schedules and demands, they have little time to bone up on their parenting skills. Often removed from grandparents and relatives who in times past lived next door or just down the street, they have no one to guide them through the disorienting world of raising children. Enter Nanny to the Rescue! Michelle LaRowe, 2004 International Nanny Association "Nanny of the Year," gives her tried and true solutions to childcare. Her expertise with chapters titled "Who's the boss?" and "Discipline is not a four letter word" gives confidence to parents who need specific ideas for real day-to-day problems. A proud member of Christian Nannies, Michelle offers foundational truths sure to help encourge moms and dads.
The Working Mom's 411 provides parents with the options, tools, and solutions that will enable them to make educated and informed choices for their family and successfully navigate the waters of the two parent working household. It's an all-in-one resource that will rescue moms trying to put together the how-to-do-it-all puzzle. With informed insight, a healthy sense of humor, and a fresh, expert perspective, Michelle LaRowe shares time-saving tips and practical solutions to the common complications working mothers face! Here are at your fingertips current childcare options, including an assessment tool for moms to evaluate which option best suits their needs; solutions to everyday problems working parents face, from scheduling to overcoming the stigma often associated with moms who work outside the home; and practical tips on managing childcare, school activities, self care, home life, and marriage.
Offers descriptions of 450 published memoirs, grouped by such topics as setting, language, unusual childhoods, life in rural America, spiritual journeys, and family relationships.
Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.
»Ich glaube nicht an Gott, aber ich vermisse ihn.« Julian Barnes, brillant, geistreich und witzig wie immer, setzt sich mit einem Thema auseinander, das jeden ein Leben lang betrifft. Es geht um unsere Sterblichkeit, um provozierende Gedanken und aufrüttelnde Ereignisse auf dem Weg zum Ende. Eigentlich müsste man sich nicht davor fürchten. Wirklich nicht?»Was soll eigentlich dieses ganze Tamtam um den Tod?«, fragt nüchtern Julian Barnes’ Mutter. Aber ihr Sohn kann deshalb oft nicht schlafen: »Ich erklärte ihr, mir widerstrebe eben der Gedanke daran.« Die Angst vor dem Tod treibt Julian Barnes seit seiner Jugend um, immer wieder umkreist er das Thema in seiner ganzen Unerbittlichkeit und Hoffnungslosigkeit, denn er glaubt nicht an Gott, vermisst ihn aber. Neugierig und um Erkenntnis bemüht sucht er in der Kunst und in der Literatur, in den Naturwissenschaften und in der Musik nach Antworten. Doch Julian Barnes ist Romancier, deshalb entwickelt er seine Gedanken aus Personen und Handlung. Und so erzählt er auch die anekdotenreiche Geschichte vom Leben und Sterben der sehr britisch zugeknöpften Familie Barnes – von den originellen Großeltern, der herrischen Mutter, dem in sich gekehrten Vater, dem besserwisserischen Philosophen-Bruder und dem belesenen, an den Künsten interessierten Julian. Seine wahren Angehörigen und Vorfahren sind für Julian Barnes allerdings nicht die Mitglieder einer englischen Lehrerfamilie, sondern Schriftsteller und Komponisten wie Stendhal, Flaubert und Strawinsky. Mit ihnen erörtert er scharfsinnig und verängstigt, flapsig und tröstlich, ironisch und ernsthaft die Angst vor dem Treppenlift, den Blick in den Abgrund, das Wie und Wo und Wann. Und hat ein aufregendes Buch geschrieben.

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