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One hundred training games.
This is a collection of games for trainers and educators to enhance simulations, role plays and exercises for both individuals and teams. They focus on developing skills in communication, teamwork and perception. Each one has instructions and a checklist for any materials needed.
Thiagi's 100 Favorite Gamesis an exciting new resource from Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, who is acknowledged as the world’s foremost authority on interactive learning. This is a first-of-its-kind collection that represents game play at its very best. Thiagi offers the "how-to" and the "lowdown" on his all-time favorite games. With this resource, you’ll never be stuck for a fun, innovative, and effective activity. Thiagi’s 100 Favorite Games can be used to: Illustrate concepts Aid learning transfer Improve team work Build critical skills in any training event Energize meetings Or us as icebreakers, or openers and closers to a formal training session
In this book Jutta Wiemers describes 100 smart games through which you can achieve a perfect partnership with your horse. The games are progressive and range from simple leading and lunging, through to circus tricks. Along the way there are other fun-packed games involving balance, sure-footedness, agility and confidence building.
How can I enhance a team's performance? How do I improve an individual's perception? How do I energise, break the ice or improve communication? Continuing the successful Training Games series, Gary Kroehnert's 103 Additional Training Games is a collection of totally new activities designed to promote structured workplace learning. Aimed at both the new and the experienced trainer, 103 Additional Training Games presents a fresh range of inspired learning exercises that can be used in individual or team-training programs. Game categories include: Icebreaker Team building Communication Facilitator/presentation skills Mid-course energiser Problem solving Learning Perception Evaluation Self-management These games are designed to be relevant and unintimidating and are suitable for trainers, facilitators, supervisors, human resource managers and consultants who wish to expand their collection of proven ideas and learning exercises.
"Gary Kroehnert, Australia's best-selling training author and consultant, has assembled a collection of 101 More Training Games for trainers and educational professionals. These games can be used to enhance simulations, role-plays and exercises for individuals and teams. Applications for the games now include: icebreakers and energisers; the development and refinement of team-building, communication, presentation, problem-solving, learning, perception, evaluation and self-management skills."--BOOK COVER.

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