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Critics frequently describe the influence of "America," through Hollywood and other cultural industries, as a form of cultural imperialism. This unidirectional model of interaction does not address, however, the counter-flows of Chinese-language films into the American film market or the influence of Chinese filmmakers, film stars, and aesthetics in Hollywood. The aim of this collection is to (re)consider the complex dynamics of transnational cultural flows between American and Chinese-language film industries. The goal is to bring a more historical perspective to the subject, focusing as much on the Hollywood influence on early Shanghai or postwar Hong Kong films as on the intensifying flows between American and Chinese-language cinemas in recent decades. Contributors emphasize the processes of appropriation and reception involved in transnational cultural practices, examining film production, distribution, and reception.
The essays in South Asia and Its Others: Reading the "Exotic" reveal fresh perspectives on the notion of exoticism in South Asia, and also challenge and extend existing scholarship in the broader discourse of what constitutes South Asia. Significantly, the anthology considers how the phenomenon of "exoticization" may be interpreted as a strategic methodology utilized by writers of South Asian descent to examine critically both the post-colonialist ramifications of casteism, religious intolerance, and gender violence across differing cultural contexts within the region, and how current perceptions of "native" and "diasporic" South Asian subjects problematize ideologies of authenticity across Western-Eastern divides. The papers in this collection show how authors of South Asian ethnicity construct their own version of an "exotic" South Asia globally and the colonialist discourse of "exocitism" is employed as a discursive tool that uncovers the ambiguity that continues to mark the marginality of identities even today.
The script to the multimedia podcast novel. Gnathal, a virginal game-boy-human-cellphone, goes into debt to buy a custom automobile to seduce a gypsy fortune-teller belly-dancing professional escort who calls herself Vampire Elvirus. The State will not allow him to come of age, and when he expresses his frustration, he gets fired. He joins the DevaCops, gets kidnapped, and escapes to live as a hermit amongst Genetically Modified Organisms. When the equestrian daughter of a SuperUser rescues him, Daddy doesn't approve of their relationship until Ganthal becomes the murdered Godhead "Christopheles Rex," who promised to erase the inequities of iniquity, raise the late departed, and decease the ceased. Drugged into a confession, sentenced to Civil Death, Gnathal doesn't know he must enlist the aide of his lust object to rescue his fiance, who carries the seed of a new human race, or something worse... Our near future, as human cellphones that need a revolution.
Awarded third place for The Adam Gillon Book Award in Conrad Studies 2009 The book presents a sustained critique of the interlinked (and contradictory) views that the fiction of Joseph Conrad is largely innocent of any interest in or concern with sexuality and the erotic, and that when Conrad does attempt to depict sexual desire or erotic excitement then this results in bad writing. Jeremy Hawthorn argues for a revision of the view that Conrad lacks understanding of and interest in sexuality. He argues that the comprehensiveness of Conrad's vision does not exclude a concern with the sexual and the erotic, and that this concern is not with the sexual and the erotic as separate spheres of human life, but as elements dialectically related to those matters public and political that have always been recognized as central to Conrad's fictional achievement. The book will open Conrad's fiction to readings enriched by the insights of critics and theorists associated with Gender Studies and Post-colonialism.
This symposium analyzes two seemingly conflicting value systems in recent employment discrimination cases: one that prohibits stereotyping in the workplace, and another that upholds workplace appearance standards.
Offers advice on using the Internet to flirt, meet a mate, ask embarrassing sex questions, spice up one's sex life, and fulfill sexual fantasies in the safety of cyberspace
150 stories of forbidden, innocent women TAKING EVERY INCH of goodness in their tight, tempting -- well, flip open this collection to find out! This 150 Book Mega Bundle of Erotica Taboo Sex Stories contain Explicit Sexuality, and Adult Content. Keywords: short sex stories, erotica short stories, free erotica books, older man younger woman, victorian erotica, historical erotica, multiple partners, first time erotica, virgin erotica, free eroctica, sex, erotic domination, submission, humiliation, punishment, humiliated, punished, bondage, spanked, spanking, vibrator, dildo, erotic breeding, bareback, ebooks series, schoolgirl, young teen, girl, teenager, examination, lgbt, cuckold, anal, toy, rough, sexy short erotica, xxx, taboo, wife, fuck, hot, lesbian, toys, sister step, sexy women, milf collection, 18, dp, books, daddy erotika, gay, erotic, butt, men, dirty, big black cock, sex, forced, mommy, her, bisexual, romance, for, sexy, dick, menage, first time, adult, fiction, bdsm, interracial, bisexual, milf short erotica, xxx adults, sexy women, filthy, best taboo, mommy, virgin, smut, collection, compilation, anthology, anal, daddy, bbw porn, bbw sex, free BBW, xxx bbw, adult short stories free, box set, threesome, threesome erotica, threesome bundle, threesome collection, taboo, forbidden, kinky, sexy, man of the house, erotica, erotic stories, bundle, collection, anthology.
Vols. for 1871-76, 1913-14 include an extra number, The Christmas bookseller, separately paged and not included in the consecutive numbering of the regular series.
Tales of power and lust from the futuristic to the surreal that combine eroticism, science fiction, and S/M.
"This alphabetically arranged dictionary of artists known to have produced works depicting sexual imagery profiles the artists from ancient times to the present. Each entry offers biographical information, including the artist's name and any variants, birth and death dates, geographic focus, a description of the artist's media, training and the nature of their artistic output"--Provided by publisher.
Something about traveling can bring your blood to the boil: Is it the exotic locales? The chance encounters with attractive strangers? The break from the routine? Sharazade's nine sizzling tales of goings and '¦ well, you know '¦ will have you at the edge of your window seat, spinning your own fantasies about the unexplored erotic potential of planes, trains, and hotels.
Treats primarily with the anaconda (Eunectes murinus); the Indian (Python molurus); Reticulated (Python reticulata); and African (Python sebae) pythons.
Rich in visual imagery, Harem vividly depicts the exotic bazaars and dangerous alleys of the city and palace chambers brimming with conspiracy and betrayal—as well as love and redemption. A seductive and intriguing journey from the humble Persian Jewish quarter to the fascinating world of shahs, soothsayers, eunuchs, and sultanas, Harem follows three generations of strong-willed and cunning women: Rebekah—a poor girl married to the abusive blacksmith, Jacob the fatherless—who emerges from her disastrous match with a mysterious brand between her breasts; Gold Dust, Rebekah's treasured daughter, who enters the opulent and perilous world of the harem and captivates the shah with her singing bones; and Gold Dust's daughter, the revered and feared albino princess Raven, who will one day rule the empire.

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