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At 11:37 p.m. on August 17, 1959, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake rocked Montanas Yellowstone country. In an instant, an entire mountainside fractured and thundered down onto the sites of unsuspecting campers. The mammoth avalanche generated hurricane-force winds ahead of it that ripped clothing from backs and heaved tidal waves in both directions of the Madison River Canyon. More than two hundred vacationers trapped in the canyon feared the dam upstream would burst. As debris and flooding overwhelmed the river, injured victims frantically searched the darkness for friends and family. Acclaimed historian Larry Morris tells the gripping minute-by-minute saga of the survivors who endured the interminable night, the first responders who risked their lives and the families who waited days and weeks for word of their missing loved ones.
This is the story of the Painter family's black Labrador "Princess" who was with them in the Rock Creek campground in the 1959 Yellowstone earthquake. She was missing and presumed to have perished in the quake. Princess wandered away from the site of the earthquake slide for nearly two weeks, being found outside Virginia City, Mt, . This was nearly sixty miles away from the Rock Creek campground where the family had camped. This is an account of what she may have experienced on her journey to find her family. For more information about this family, their terrifying experience will be found in the two books written by this author entitled; Shaken in the Night (2014) which is Anita's personal account of being in the earthquake. Also, The Twenty Eight, living with the aftershocks (2015), is a story about the victims, and their family members
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Deep into the night of August 17, 1959, a group of campers in West Yellowstone's Madison River Canyon become suddenly and keenly aware that the earth on which they sleep is a living, breathing planet. What is a simple shudder for Earth is a life-changing event for its inhabitants. Five of those are members of the Painter family. Anita and her twin sister had just ten days ago turned twelve, and the family's trek to Yellowstone is a birthday celebration. Little do they know this night will slam the two girls, on the cusp of youth, headlong into adulthood. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocks the entire region, defacing the mountain and sending hurricane force winds and river water tearing through the campsite. Anita's personal account of this night is a frightening and tragic story of panic, horror, and courage in the face of disaster. It is also a reminder of the human spirit's resilience and selflessness, as perfect strangers unite to save lives, even at the risk of their own. Life is a fragile miracle, and Anita reminds us to cherish every day and treat it like the gift that it is, lest we're ever shaken in the night.
Provides an accessible introduction to the most important disasters - both natural and human caused - throughout human history

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