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Karen O'Connor, bestselling author of Gettin' Old Ain't for Wimps (more than 300,000 copies sold), offers a great collection of humorous anecdotes on senior moments. Readers in the better half of life will discover 365 rather funny situations to avoid, with some of them sounding all too familiar. They are encouraged to avoid... leaving the key in the front door and going to sleep feeling secure. purchasing a book to improve your memory but leaving it at the checkout counter. dropping the boat anchor and then realizing it wasn't tied to the boat. This warmhearted and playful book encourages laughter and taking life in stride.
Your later years can be golden! Humorist and bestselling author Karen O’Connor offers brief, daily prayers to highlight the joys of living while gently poking fun at the humorous moments we all experience. These insightful prayers of gratitude, grace, and good humor will inspire you to take life in stride and look for the positives: Good thinking, Lord! Thanks to you, I remembered to take my mailbox key when I went to the post office. Jesus, be with me when I stumble over a word or trip on a step. Pick me up, dust me off, and comfort me so I’m ready to continue. What a joy it is, dear God, to relax with my spouse. We’re as comfy and familiar with each other as a pair of worn slippers. With more than 300 daily prayers, God Bless My Senior Moments offers ample ways to find humor in common foibles and plenty of encouragement to help you stay enthusiastic and in touch with God.
Gentle humorist Karen O'Connor highlights the sunny side of senior life, including - the funny ways children reveal God's blessings, - the laughter in love, and - the missteps in new and old adventures. God is with you every step of the way, and these vignettes full of character and wit prove it.
These senior moments keep you laughing while you adjust to new technology. Have you looked for the "any" key after being told, "Press any key"? Talked into the TV remote instead of your cell phone? You're not alone! Karen O'Connor offers encouragement and tips to help you navigate the digital world.
One touch is all it takes. One touch and you have that perfect cup. That perfect cup of espresso to wake you up, energize you, and help you face the day. Just like a perfect cup of espresso, God's Word contains the perfect balance of ingredients to wake up believers spiritually, energize the soul, and help believers be spiritually alert as they face their day. Espresso Your Faith takes a daily-shot approach to God's espresso—His Word—as readers explore the 30 keys from God's Word to staying spiritually alert. Based on 1 Peter 5:8, which warns believers to stay alert, humorist Rhonda Rhea takes a perky approach to helping readers understand what that means and helps them drink in God's instructions as it relates to being spiritually alert. Her humor will warm readers hearts while her practical insight will have them paying attention to the world around them with a fresh biblical perspective. She promises that before you know it, God will be gloriously energizing lives and having believers feeling perkier, healthier, and stronger.
PERSONALity Perspectives will change your life. God made each of us different, yet most of our personalities fall into one of four categories. Exploring those personalities helps you not only understand others and why they act the way they do, but why you act and feel the way you do about life. Even better, understanding the personalities will allow you to live at peace with everyone in your sphere of influence! Written by Linda Gilden and Tama Westman, two veteran personality trainers, as different as day and night, PERSONALity Perspectives is a one-of-a-kind devotional packed with insight, Scripture, prayers, and: *practical points that bring order to the analytical, purposeful person; *sparkling stories that satisfy the fun-loving, playful person; *perspectives that challenge the powerful person's need for control; *quiet reflections for the low-key, peaceful person to ponder. Are you purposeful? Powerful? Playful? Peaceful? Plunge in to PERSONALity Perspectives, and find out! Bonus Features: *Key Traits of the Personalities *Clues to Your Personality *Understanding Others through Personalities, and much more! Personality Perspectives will delight you with stories that speak in a language you can easily take to heart and help you recognize the supernatural presence of God in ordinary, everyday life.-FLORENCE LITTAUER, author of over 40 books, including Personality Plus (over 1.5 copies sold), founder of CLASSEMINARS, Inc. This insightful work doesn't attempt to tell you about you; it leads you through ponderings, points, and clues allowing you to discover what makes you tick.-NICK DELLA VALLE, Breath of CHRIST Ministries. Linda and Tama's innovative five-step process encourages the reader to engage in meaningful life change by understanding himself and others, deepening relationships, and most importantly, deepening his walk with God. I highly recommend this book.-JOHN H. THURMAN, JR., Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Speaker, Writer. The information and personal stories will change you and your life. Buy one for yourself and an extra copy for that special person in your life.-KAREN O'CONNOR, Lord, It's Taken Me Years to Get This Old; 365 Senior Moments You'd Rather Forget.

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