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Profiles one hundred influential African Americans who helped shape the history of the twentieth century, including revered figures in the fields of music, literature, sports, science, politics, and the civil rights movement.
In 1924, Simon & Schuster published its first title, The Cross Word Puzzle Book. Not only was it the publisher's first release -- it was the first collection of crossword puzzles ever printed. Today, more than eighty years later, the legendary Simon & Schuster Crossword Puzzle Book series maintains its status as the standard-bearer for cruciverbal excellence. This series continues to provide the freshest and most original puzzles on the market. Created by the best contemporary constructors -- and edited by top puzzle master John M. Samson -- these Sunday-sized brain breakers offer hours of stimulation for solvers of every level. With more puzzles than ever before in one volume, the Simon & Schuster Crossword Puzzle Book series will continue to test the knowledge of solvers everywhere. Can you take the challenge? Sharpen your pencils, grit your teeth, and find out!
Sharpen your pencils! The classic, bestselling crossword series returns, with 300 never-before-published Thursday to Sunday-size puzzles. Simon & Schuster published the first-ever crossword puzzle book back in 1924. Now, more than ninety years later, the classic crossword series lives on, with a brand-new collection of crosswords from expert puzzle constructor, John M. Samson. Designed with convenience in mind, this mega crossword puzzle book features perforated pages so you can tear out the crosswords individually and work on them when you’re on the go. Samson delights die-hard fans and challenges new puzzle enthusiasts as they work through this timeless and unique collection of entertainment.
A collection of 50 new challenging puzzles, constructed by experts and edited by crossword master Samson. The latest addition to the 76 year-old tradition of crossword excellence, this edition offers a collection of never-before-published puzzles both novices and experts will enjoy. Spiral bound.
Match wits with one of the country’s most popular crossword creators. Since his first puzzle was published in the New York Times when he was nineteen years old, the author has been challenging newspaper readers from New York to San Diego and Miami to Spokane. Offering the elegance and sophistication of the toughest daily crosswords yet remaining accessible to newcomers, these 72 puzzles will test your knowledge of history, pop culture, science, literature, sports, and more, as well as your ability to figure out clever themes. If you enjoy solving conundrums such as “What the Russians did in 1999” (10 letters), and “Jean-Claude Van Damme sits on the fence” (14 letters), these really clever crosswords are for you! Answers: PUTINPUTIN, BELGIANWAFFLES
Created by the best contemporary crossword publishers, and edited by top puzzle master John M. Samson, this collection of puzzles provide clever and stimulating challenges for solvers of any level. Spiral-bound.
An illustrated guide to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the surrounding area, including accommodations, attractions, history and shopping.

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