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This pocket-sized drawing journal is packed with just as much clever, imaginative fun as the original bestselling642 Things to Draw. All 642 drawing prompts invite doodlers to draw teeny-tiny things—from "a keyhole" and "a marble" to "an atom" and "your house, from space." Sure to keep creative folks inspired on the go, or wherever the doodle bug strikes!
These graphite pencils feature clever prompts stamped on their barrels, adding up to a grand total of 642 possible things to draw or—should inspiration strike—to write about!
Drawing in Life is part of a collection of images and thoughts I have gathered as an artist and teacher. While drawing, I achieve an elusive state of mindfulness and connection unavailable to me by other means in a busy life. With desire, commitment and time, everyone can draw. The act of writing by hand lights up parts of the brain not stimulated by using a keyboard. Also, reading handwritten text as opposed to typed text, lights up more areas of the brain. Handwritten works combined with art must then be even more powerful. Viewing drawings can trigger vivid memories and emotions by linking these experiences with all of our senses. I invite you to begin a daily practice of drawing and journaling whether you are a beginner or a master. The examples and exercises included here will guide you on your path.
The original creative, inspiring, and often hilarious 642 things from the book that started it all--the bestselling642 Things to Draw--are back as whimsical illustrations in this unique new coloring book. Jam-packed with engaging designs and details just waiting to be colored in, this is the perfect next thing for 642 fans and coloring book aficionados alike.
While there are countless books focused on craft projects for young adults and teens, few describe how creativity actually relates to teens or shows them how to access their creative selves. This book is designed to help teens remove the barriers to being creative and will help young adults maximize their creative potential. Teens will get the chance to explore what creativity means to them and what they should do when they’re having trouble being creative. The author explores everyday creativity and play and even looks at creativity’s role in a teen’s happiness.
USING THIS BOOK "365 Awesome Situations to Draw" provides the creative platform to enhance both your creative mind, general knowledge and drawing skills. Throughout this book you will be presented with 365 prompts pertaining to different situations to draw which include places, events, famous landmarks. Imagine yourself as a tourist, a participant or observer in these real life situations and let your imagination run free. Each page contains prompts with a location or situation to get you started. Drawings prompts are divided into full page, half page and quarter page exercises. Each prompts allows you to challenge your own ability across various elements such as space, detail and time. Doodle, scribble, draw, twist or turn your way to a new more relaxed and creative you in no time. Start by choosing a drawing of your choice from anywhere in the book. Interpret the prompt, visualize the situation, develop a concept and decide on your approach to the drawing. Next, take a pen or pencil and begin. It's that simple.

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