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'A Beard In Nepal 2. Return to the Village' is the story of Fiona and Tod's second visit to the village of Salle, high in the Himalayas of Nepal. They returned to take presents and supplies to the villagers. The book is again full of humour as the couple from Liverpool trek with Kalyani (the village school headmistress) to a remote, hidden valley where her new husband's family live, braving again those incredibly high, dangerous roads through the mountains. This book gives us more detail about the villagers lives, and the lives of the wonderful, happy village children, who live so very differently from their Western counterparts. It also touches on the downside of life in Nepal today; the corruption, the destruction of the forests, lack of electricity, and lack of clean water. 'A Beard In Nepal 2' tells us about Fiona and Tod's encounter with black, poisonous spiders; how they avoided having to eat a cockerel; a water buffalo that snores so loudly it has to sleep in its own specially built shelter; and once again the nightmare of travelling in a local bus through the remote tracks in the high Himalayas. The book also looks at developments in Kathmandu, such as the 'removal' of 10,000 street dogs in the last few months.
'A Beard In Nepal' is the story of the five months Tod and Fiona spent in a small, remote village high in the Himalayas of Nepal, attempting to teach English to the village children. It is the story of an ordinary (?) middle aged couple from Liverpool who did an extraordinary thing, and lived to tell the tale. The book is an often humorous account of the challenges they faced while, for example, trying to teach the children in a small wooden hut, high up in the middle of a forest, without the benefit of water, electricity or toilet. They faced a constant struggle with the horrendous, debilitating effects of altitude sickness; the always present threat from wild tigers; severely restricted diet; and hair raising journeys along some of the highest, most dangerous roads in the world. They were among the first white people ever to visit the village of Salle, and could not have been received more warmly by the villagers and children, who did everything they could to make Tod and Fiona's stay in the village a happy one. We follow the couple as they teach a variety of sports and games to the children; as Tod builds them a see-saw; and as they brave the chaotic and dangerous mountain roads to visit the old Everest Base Camp of Edmund Hillary's time. The book highlights a number of interesting areas, not least the immense difference between the lives of the village children in Nepal and those of the children growing up in the West. Fiona and Tod also managed to visit Tibet, and climbed up to the awesome Potala Palace in Lhasa, having water thrown at them by a Chinese dignitary along the way. And of course the book also focuses on the time they spent in dirty, grimy, manic Kathmandu. 'A Beard In Nepal' is on Amazon as an Ebook and has downloaded approx 3,000 copies. The second part, 'A Beard In Nepal 2. Return to the Village' is now also out.
Have you ever wondered if we live when we die? Do our beloved pets live on after death? Will we see them again? Have you ever thought you've seen a dark, ghostly figure out of the corner of your eye, but it vanished when you looked towards it? How many times have you awoken suddenly, certain that someone has called your name, but there is no one to be seen? What is clairvoyance? How does a medium make contact with the Spirit World? What is a ghost, and can we communicate with one?
The Curse is the third book in the series 'Memories from a Medium's Life'. Fiona Roberts is a working Medium, and has been involved in the world of the Paranormal for more than thirty years. In this book she recounts more fascinating encounters with Spirit people and animals, from her readings, from the past, and from friends' experiences. These true stories and anecdotes are not written in any particular chronological order, and she dips in and out of the past, as well as reproducing material from present day readings and events. The subject matter is equally diverse, and ranges from serious to comical, and from sad to inspiring. However, please note that what you will not find in this book is a list of examples and explanations of the phenomena mentioned in it. You will not discover here what a ghost is, and how it differs from a Spirit person; you will not find an explanation of how, why and when mediumship or clairvoyance occur; and you will not learn why some people occasionally have spontaneous Spirit visions. That is because all of these things, and many more beside, have already been examined in detail in her previous book, 'Voices'. Nevertheless, in the chapters that follow, you will encounter many interesting and varied facets of the life of a Medium, and will hopefully learn something new and thought provoking about a range of different forms of communication with the Spirit World.

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