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Sometimes the silliest dragon gets in trouble. Looking for a fun bedtime story filled with silliness and love to share with your kids? The Silliest Dragon has a message for you.
Originally written by the Oscar(-nominated director of "The Sixth Sense" for his own children, this story of an apartment complex superintendent who discovers a sea nymph in the pool is now a major motion picture from Warner Bros., directed by Shyamalan and starring Bryce Dallas Howard ("The Village"), scheduled for release on July 21. Full color.
Polly and her friend Bed Rabbit have lots of books, but they don't know how to read, so Polly's parents interrupt their own reading for a bedtime story.
When a shaggy mutt saves the life of six-year-old Mark, the Petersons adopt the stray dog.
Every bedtime the King tells the Little Princess a story before she falls asleep. When he's away on royal business, everyone tries to make up a bedtime story for the Little Princess, but no one is as good as her dad. Finally the palace maid has an idea...Little Princess can discover stories to read to herself at bedtime, in the palace library!
A Bedtime Story Ezaquiel Cord joins forces with Val Roberts, head of the Benton County Police Department. Follow the clues in the intricate maze of events that try and lead to the killer of the beautiful young dancer. Could it be the boyfriend, maybe the head of the dance studio, or just that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time? A Yellow Dress Two “wartime” buddies, both in the protection business and one a county police detective involved in cracking down on the sale of drugs, is shot in the line of duty. The other, a former police officer, known to his friends as “Easy,” is now a private eye on the trail of what might be the beginning of a serial killer’s reign of terror. The two events meld into a thrilling story. Can Ezaquiel Cord, the private eye, solve the mysteries?

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