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A Burning Desire is a gift for those who struggle with the Twelve Step program’s focus on the need to surrender to a Higher Power. Taking a radical departure from traditional views of God, Western or Eastern, author Kevin Griffin neither accepts Christian beliefs in a Supreme Being nor Buddhist non-theism, but rather forges a refreshing, sensible, and accessible Middle Way. Griffin shows how the Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha, can be understood as a Higher Power. Karma, mindfulness, impermanence, and the Eightfold Path itself are revealed as powerful forces that can be accessed through meditation and inquiry. Drawing from his own experiences with substance abuse, rehabilitation, and recovery, Griffin looks at the various ways that meditation and spiritual practices helped deepen his experience of sobriety. His personal story of addiction is not only raw, honest and engrossing, but guides readers to an inquiry of their own spirituality.
The past is always with us. The past comes back to haunt former police chief Daniel "Sticks" Hetrick and his protégé, Officer Flora Vastine as an outbreak of arson shakes residents of rural Swatara Creek, Pennsylvania. At first, the minor nature of the fires inclines authorities to see them as pranks, possibly the work of juveniles. Then, tension increases in the wake of a murder at the site of one fire and an increase in the value of targets. Hetrick and Flora must confront troubling, dangerous people from the past, and errors in judgment add to their jeopardy.
Abigail was a woman who had experienced a tremendous amount of loss. These obstacles would result in her losing herself as a person in the process. The one thing that kept Abigail going was the letter her parents left her before they died in a terrible car accident. The sweet, kind mother left her a book of leaves in a scrapbook and asked Abigail to finish it for her. This gave her something that tied her to her mother. One particular day she was in the park she met someone new. Abigail met the love of her life, Adam, who taught her that you have to get through the bad stuff in order to just live. They found that the love they had for each other was stronger than anything they had ever felt before. This love would help them get through the amount of challenges that are thrown their way as a married couple. In the end, all you need is to just believe.
Tragedy and heart break keep Mason Foley and Sabrina Crawford from letting anyone get too close, but the chemistry between the two makes love irresistible.
SPARK* is a dialogue about creativity. But this is not about creativity in the external sense of brainstorming or coming up with new ideas. It’s a discussion around the internal experience of creativity and what it means to be a creator. The fulfillment of creative inspiration is more of a reflex, a necessity, in the face of the internal friction and angst that exists within us, pressing us ever deeper into ourselves in our need to explore and expose what it is that is stirring inside us. The revelations of these urges pour themselves out through limitless mediums. This is not about mediums either. In our expressions of creativity there exists an experience much more profound than simply finding resolution. Creativity (and the outward acts of creation it demands) is full of fear and vulnerability. Creative resolution demands a terrifying, yet unavoidable, openness of the heart — a trust that there is purpose in the risk. This exposing of what lies within us leaves us naked before an unforgiving world. The humility of creation is so real, so overwhelming, it often brings us to our knees. Yet interwoven within this visceral, emotional experience of creativity is the reality of the soul that we have been created in the image of a Creator who is ever beckoning us. And the more we open ourselves to the depths of what it means to be a creator, the more we seem to find of Him — and in this intimacy, we begin to see how just as His creation speaks of His heart, our creativity does too.
A heart racing romance by African American author Simone Iwu.Mia has been in an unhappy relationship with her boyfriend Joe for four years.All they ever seem to do is fight, and Mia is sick of it.Then she meets Tony.When Mia and Joe get into a fight at a club, Mia goes to the bathroom to cool off and ends up getting locked in when a fire starts.Tony is the firefighter who saves her, and from that moment on she's smitten with him.Unfortunately, Joe is still in the picture.That is, until he unceremoniously dumps her in a public place and completely humiliates her.After that, she's totally free to pursue the hunky Tony - or so she thinks.When danger starts to lurk around every corner for the new couple, will their love be able to take the heat?Find out in this emotional yet blazing hot fireman romance by Simone Iwu of African American Club.Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you'll need your own fireman on standby.

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