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Few countries face as grim a prospect of food insecurity as the Sudan - bankrupt, at civil war, and ravaged by drought. To Cure All Hunger looks at the scope and the content of appropriate interventions, growth, income, and command over food security. A close study of the causes, dimensions and consequences of food insecurity in Sudan is instructive, not just for policy in that country but also for food insecurity analysis elsewhere. Studying an extreme case throws up challenges to the conventional wisdom which resonate across less difficult cases. The contributors to this volume bring a wide range of skills and many years' experience to the study. Their focus is mainly on north Sudan and not on the war-torn south. Nevertheless, they do indeed challenge the conventional wisdom, at least in Sudan.
Assesses the effectiveness of volunteer hunger relief programs, and argues that they will be unable to meet the increases brought about by welfare reform
Chapters in the first part of this text develop the theoretical and conceptual framework for building community within and among organizations. Part two explores the politcal, technological and social processes and part three describes specific contexts in a variety of organizations.
Dr. Michael Drake, a great medical researcher, chose to disappear into the jungles of the world called Bushveld. But now the human-settled Galaxy needs him to combat a new plague. Journalist-adventurer Robert Markham has determined to locate Drake and bring him back to civilization--whether he wants to come or not. Award-winning author Mike Resnick takes us on a new journey across alien landscapes in this powerful quest adventure.

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