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Barry Kaufman's life has been spent helping others cope with severe adversities and traumas. When he learned of his father's cancer diagnosis, he had to summon all of his strength. That struggle, and the surprising rewards that came from it are the subject of No Regrets. Kaufman's father, Abe, was a man of simple tastes, modest aspirations, and respectable accomplishments who dares, at age eighty-five, to open his heart in the face of a terminal illness. His son was not ready for it at first, having limited emotional reserves after his own son was diagnosed as irreversibly autistic. This moving book about the unbreakable bond between a father and son shows how one man learned to confront and finally celebrate life's transitions.
A Best Book Of The Year Time • St. Louis Post-Dispatch • Kansas City Star San Francisco Chronicle • NPR • Seattle Times A shy manifesto, an impractical handbook, the true story of a fabulist, an entire life in parts and pieces, Manhood for Amateurs is the first sustained work of personal writing from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon. In these insightful, provocative, slyly interlinked essays, one of our most brilliant and humane writers addresses with his characteristic warmth and lyric wit the all-important question: What does it mean to be a man today?
"If you could turn back time, who would you be?" Once a question posed of me, I answered back; "I would be who I am today!" "Do you have any regrets you'd like to say?" Another question that was asked of me. No Regrets! Inspirational Poems for the Mind! Body! & Soul! is a book filled with poems of nature, of beauty, of love and of life. Each poem reflects experiences in the author's life, his memories and his feelings. No Regrets! Inspirational Poems for the Mind! Body! & Soul! is written in a way that anyone can place themselves into a poem and experience emotions and memories, and to have a moment in time they can call their own.
This is the first sustained study examining how the emotions of remorse and regret were manifested in Greek and Roman public life. By discussing the standard lexical denotations of remorse, Fulkerson shows how it was not normally expressed by high-status individuals, but by their inferiors, and how it often served to show defect of character.
A Father’s Prayer Journal offers a meaningful collection of prayers and reflections to draw fathers--and soon-to-be fathers--closer to God so they can effectively nurture their children’s spiritual development. This journal provides a practical, interactive resource for fathers to take notes, capture personal thoughts and develop their own devotional messages to complement the prayers in this collection. Author Kelly Gebert instilled the lifelong habit of prayer in his own eight children and has enjoyed spiritual fellowship with them in childhood, teen years and now adulthood. Through his personal knowledge and experiences, Gebert provides fellow fathers with practical ideas of how to lead a child’s spiritual journey--prayerfully, thoughtfully and intentionally. “Because of my father on earth, I know and love my Father in heaven.” --Joy Gebert
In 1871, young Daisy Fraser is living in the Yorkshire Dales with her beloved family. Her sister Kitty is set to marry the handsome and wealthy Clifford Middleton. But on the eve of the wedding, Clifford commits a terrible act that shatters Daisy's happy life. She carries her secret for the next nine months, but is left devastated when she gives birth and the baby is pronounced dead. Soon she is cast out by her family and has no choice but to make her own way in the world. When further tragedy strikes, Daisy sets out for the bustling streets of Leeds. There, she encounters poverty and hardship but also friendship. What she really longs for is a love of her own. Yet Daisy doesn't realize that the key to her happiness may not be as far away as she thinks . . . For a Father's Pride is a heartbreaking story of love and loss from bestselling saga author, Diane Allen
For police investigator Aristide Ravel, the teeming streets and alleyways of Paris are a constant source of activity. And in the unruly climate of 1797, when gold and food are scarce, citizens will stop at very little to get what they need. When Jeannette Moineau, an illiterate servant girl, is accused of poisoning the master of the house, Ravel cannot believe she is guilty. With the odds stacked heavily against her, Ravel is relieved to find an unexpected ally in Laurence, a young widow of the house with a surprising past. In a household brimming with bickering and resentment, everyone seems to have a motive for poisoning old Martin Dupont. Though as the death toll rises, the list of suspects rapidly dwindles. Tensions rise as Ravel and Laurence must probe the secrets of the city's craftiest citizens to clear Jeannette's name. But finding information in dissolute, post-revolutionary Paris can lead to costly and dangerous demands. A historical mystery set amongst the sights and sounds of 18th-century Paris. Brimming with atmosphere, scandal and murder. The sequel to A Game of Patience.
Tessa Winthrop, an art restoration specialist, is hoping for the job of a lifetime—one which would cement her reputation in a field dominated by her male colleagues. Working for Baron Lucien Stanhope—or Leo as he prefers—challenges Tess’s talent, intellect, and emotions. Leo is charming, handsome, and way out of her league. It doesn’t matter, though, because she only is there for her art and the mystery surrounding master painter Giovanni Remini. When a night of passion leads to consequences that could mean the end of her career, Tess fears that the baron regrets having ever met her. But fate has more in store for them, and sometimes regrets are the beginning of better things.
Roger Scruton is Britain's best known intellectual dissident, who has defended English traditions and English identity against an official culture of denigration. Although his writings on philosophical aesthetics have shown him to be a leading authority in the field, his defence of political conservatism has marked him out in academic circles as public enemy number one. Whether it is Scruton's opinions that get up the nose of his critics, or the wit and erudition with which he expresses them, there is no doubt that their noses are vastly distended by his presence, and constantly on the verge of a collective sneeze. Contrary to orthodox opinion, however, Roger Scruton is a human being, and Gentle Regrets contains the proof of it - a quiet, witty but also serious and moving account of the ways in which life brought him to think what he thinks, and to be what he is. His moving vignettes of his childhood and later influences illuminate this book. Love him or hate him, he will engage you in an argument that is both intellectually stimulating and informed by humour.
It Was A Hypnotic Sight, Bars Upon Bars Of It, Gleaming, With The Nazi Eagle Insignia Stamped On Each. Gold Has Its Own Power, Jay, And I Realized That Day Why Men Fought And Died For It. And Murdered For It & A Voice Spoke From Behind Them. 1945. An Aircraft Bearing The Commander Of The Indian National Army, His Bodyguard And Twenty Million Pounds In Gold, Crashes In The Heart Of The Burmese Jungle. Only Three Men Know The Truth Behind The Crash, And What Happened To The Gold That Disappeared Mysteriously. Sixty Years Later, A Stranger Stalks These Men, Seeking The Lost Gold And Revenge. Things Come To A Head When One Of The Three Is Found Dead, Flung From The Terrace Of His Twenty-Ninth Storey Penthouse In Central Delhi. Can Jay Samorin And Deputy Commissioner Anna Khan Stop The Killer Before He Strikes Too Close To Home? In This Gripping Tale Of Murder And Intrigue, Ravi Shankar Etteth Brings Jay Samorin And Anna Khan, First Seen In Etteth S The Village Of Widows, Face To Face With A Most Determined And Cunning Adversary. It Is A Confrontation That Will Leave A Trail Of Violence And Death Before It Is Concluded In The Place Where It All Began.
The main character of the story begins her story at age three and goes to the present day. She has lived through, devastation, molestation, brutality, but applys humor to most of her greif, misery, tradgedy, hopelesness, perversion. Faith and Hope are the end result. All of the experiences in the Book are true as she remembers.The Book offers hope, for someone who might think life is to harsh or has been hopeless. She goes through many stages of her life and adds a flash of humor all through the Book and remains an optomist to the end, with a few detours in between!
I am 82 years old I got as far as the 8th grade in school My mom always said I was not very smart but I was very bright so that was why she called me Sunny. At age 15 and 6 months old going on 16 I became a merchant seaman in 1945 at age 18 I Joined the US Army on 9/15 /1948 For one year that turned in to 20 years 10 months and 6 days. I got my GED while I was in the army at age 26. I retired on 8/4/1969 from the Army. My Citation are: Combat Infantry badge with one star, for two wars. Korea & Vietnam unit citation, Korean president unit citation, good conduct with 5 oak leaf clusters, Distinguished unit citation, I served in Europe with the Army transport Service in 1945 In Korea 1950 to 1951 and 3 tours in Vietnam 1966 to 1969 I went to UH Hilo 1975 to 77 I then went back to sea with the US Navy sea lift command as Lt. JG from 1981 to 1991
Denise Crawford attends her twenty-year class reunion in hopes of rekindling old friendships but truthfully, has one thing in mind. Finding out if the most popular guy in school is still as hot -- and single, as she's been told. It's been a long, dry spell since her husband, Michael, came out of the closet and announced he was gay. With a job and two kids, Denise has little time to meet people, and is interested in touching base with someone she's already met.Ignoring the chuckles and murmured whisperings about Michael, Denise wants to find the object of her desire and enjoy a steamy, one night stand. But will Jerrod Stone be the man she remembers? Will he remember her at all? And who else is sporting fond memories of those long-ago days?
Do you feel stuck in a rut? Is life passing you by? Are you coming to a milestone in life and wondering if you missed out on great adventures along the way? Don’t panic! It's not too late to wear that itsy bitsy bikini or go gallivanting off to Bora Bora or spend more time with dear old Dad. No Regrets offers you 101 ways to ensure you’ll look back on life with a great big smile. No matter what your age or stage in life, this book will help you live life at full tilt, without regrets and without apologies. For every woman who wants to live life to the fullest and wake up each morning with No Regrets-a delightful must-have antidote for all of the woulda/coulda/shouldas in your life. Faced with new chapters in your life-even wonderful ones like getting married or having a baby—you might find yourself questioning the things you haven’t gotten around to doing, rather than the things you have. When you stayed in and missed the party of a lifetime, were you boring? Should you have told the handsome man on the train you fancied him, spent more time with your inspirational great aunt before she died, and fought against the in-crowd to stand up for what you believed in? In a word, YES! No Regrets gives you 101 ways to ensure that your life is rich with extraordinary experiences. With suggestions to satisfy every part of your personality, from your fashion maven to your intellectual side to your inner outdoorswoman, you’ll be inspired to live life as it should be lived—in pursuit of fun and adventure. Sarah Ivens invites you to learn to: Ride a Mechanical Bull Ditch Toxic Friends Buy Yourself a Princess Dress Retrace a Famous Roadtrip Stay Up All Night in Vegas Master a Foreign Language And much more. With real-life anecdotes from Sarah and other women, as well as simple, cost-friendly alternatives for each idea, No Regrets is the perfect guide to seizing opportunities, taking chances, and going after all life has to offer.
A National Book Award finalist and bestselling author, Jean Thompson’s new collection of “bewitching improvisations on fairy tales” are “spellbinding” (Booklist, starred review). Jean Thompson—author of the National Book Award finalist Who Do You Love and the New York Times bestseller The Year We Left Home—is a writer at the height of her powers. Capturing the magic and horror in everyday life, Thompson revisits beloved fables that represent our deepest, most primeval fears and satisfy our longings for good to triumph over evil (preferably in the most gruesome way possible). From the wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood” to the beauty asleep in her castle, The Witch and Other Tales Retold triumphantly brings the fairy tale into the modern age.
Natasha Polinoff has always lived on the fringes of society. Without the constraints of the ton's expectations, she follows her heart and embarks on a passionate affair with a handsome young viscount. Thrown out of her home, she soon finds herself completely dependent on him...and pregnant. Lord Marcus Templeton lives in the shadow of his late, profligate father, and under the vice-like control of his grandfather, the Earl of Landsdowne. Marcus finds peace in the arms of the beautiful, kind, and completely unmarriagable Natasha––until their love conflicts with fulfilling the obligations of his inheritance. His unreasonable demands send Natasha running into the dark of a cold, London night. Five long years have passed and Natasha has settled into a new, quiet life with her young daughter. But Marcus never gave up his search for her and he will do anything, even blackmail, to have her back...this time as his wife. Each book in the Group of Eight series is STANDALONE: * Lord of Regrets * Lady of Intrigue
'Lori Lansens has created a heart-pounder of a book that is every bit as much of an emotional roller-coaster as an adventurous one. Filled with richly drawn characters, unexpected twists, and gritty details about survival, you'll want to read this right now' Jodi Picoult On the anniversary of the day his best friend, Byrd, had a tragic accident on the mountain which had been the boys' paradise and escape, Wolf Truly reaches for the summit again with the intention of not coming home. But Wolf meets three women in the cable car on the way up from Palm Springs and finds himself agreeing to help them get to a mountain lake. As the weather suddenly deteriorates, the group is stranded on a lethal ridge as the lights of the city twinkle below, so close and yet so terrifyingly far away. Those who will survive the ordeal will do so through a mixture of bravery, determination and self-revelation.
Everyone should have a guide to give them the foundations they need to do interesting things in life. "All In With No Regrets" provides a personal 'user manual' that is a framework to live an examined life and understand the universal models unfolding around you. This book was inspired by an ancient philosophy and a father's heartfelt urgency to guide his sons to live their best life and start not where he did, but where he left off. It is an authentic and profound book on finding life's meaning and boldly confronting life's truths to bring it purpose and make the impact you desire. Live your best life - go all in with no regrets.

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