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Imagine being able to fly. Walk through walls. Shape-shift. Breathe underwater. Conjure loved ones—or total strangers—out of thin air. Imagine experiencing your nighttime dreams with the same awareness you possess right now—fully functioning memory, imagination, and self-awareness. Imagine being able to use this power to be more creative, solve problems, and discover a deep sense of well-being. This is lucid dreaming—the ability to know you are dreaming while you are in a dream, and then consciously explore and change the elements of the dream. A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming, with its evocative retro illustrations, shows exactly how to do it. Written by three avid, experienced lucid dreamers, this manual for the dream world takes the reader from step one—learning how to reconnect with his or her dreams— through the myriad possibilities of what can happen once the dreamer is lucid and an accomplished oneironaut (a word that comes from the Greek oneira, meaning dreams, and nautis, meaning sailor). Readers will learn about the powerful REM sleep stage—a window into lucid dreams. Improve dream recall by keeping a journal. The importance of reality checks, such as “The Finger”—during the day, try to pass your finger through your palm; then, when you actually do it successfully, you’ll know that you’re dreaming. And once you become lucid, how to make the most of it. Every time you dream, you are washing up on the shores of your own inner landscape. Learn to explore a strange and thrilling world with A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Wake Up in Your Dreams and Live a Happier, More Lucid Life A lucid dream is a dream in which you become aware that you're dreaming. It's a powerful opportunity to solve problems, create new possibilities, take charge of your own healing, and explore the depths of reality. This book provides a range of practical techniques and activities to help you bring the creativity and super-conscious awareness of lucid dreaming into your life. Join international expert Clare R. Johnson as she shares the most up-to-date lucid dreaming techniques on how to get and stay lucid, guide dreams, resolve nightmares, deepen creativity, and integrate dream wisdom into everyday life. Drawing on cutting-edge science and psychology, this book is packed with inspiring stories of life-changing lucid dreams and fascinating insights into topics such as the ethics of dream sex, how to interact with lucid dream figures, and the nature of consciousness. Whether you're a person who barely remembers your dreams or a lifelong lucid dreamer, this in-depth guide is the perfect next step as you cultivate the power of lucid dreaming. Praise: "Dr. Clare Johnson has energetically led the way in revealing the limitless practical and spiritual potential of lucid dreaming, so far-reaching it can change the world. Her clearly-written book is destined to become essential reading for all those interested in lucid dreaming. It points out the essential phenomena of lucid dreaming, and then amazes us by opening its extraordinary major vistas to us, that reveal the true glory and limitless potential of our inner universe. This is a significant book."—Dr. Keith Hearne, the scientist who provided the world's first proof of lucid dreaming in 1975, and inventor of the world's first Dream Machine
You wake up in a sweat, crying, your heart pounding as if you'd just run a mile. Who was the faceless man chasing you over the rainbow? What did it mean when you turned around and kissed him?Why did he say nothing about you being naked? Why were you naked, anyway?Whether you want to find out what a dream symbol or person means, Field Guide to Dreams will guide you through the keys to your subconscious with more than 100 dream symbols and themes. With this handy-sized book in the Field Guide series on your nightstand, you'll never have to wonder if that cigar is a cigar.
Many of us are seeking greater peace, fulfillment, and purpose in our lives but we live in a world that constantly pulls us outward, away from what matters most. The Self Beyond is a navigational and instructional field guide for your journey back to yourself, in the real world. The world that deals with traffic, bills, poor manners, and social media. You already know the answers, it is about connecting to the deeper wisdom you already possess, from within. This work offers access to the skills needed not just for a Zen masters life, but for your life. We may look around and see a kind of existential crisis. Yet, if we look deeper we might see this is all an outer reflection of our inner state of being. This groundbreaking work artfully provides solutions to this universal problem-easily accessed and just within your reach. Filled with unique tools and insights, powerful exercises to initiate transformation, personal stories, and spiritually catalyzing concepts made digestible-this book is a must read for everyone; whether intellectual, spiritual, theological, or still seeking something that resonates: this is a treasure trove of deeper wisdom. If you are on a journey you do not want to miss this gem. The Self Beyond provides easy to use practical methods to achieve personal alignment and activation. Challenging many preconceptions to offer context and greater direction. This book delivers thoughtful and pragmatic tips to initiate deeper lasting healing and create a broader sense of self-awareness. All expressed with the language of Love as the centerpiece, forming a greater sense of mindfulness and purpose that can change your life and your world. This work invites you to reconnect with the peace, balance, and wholeness that has always been inside of you. Topics Explored Include: - Aligning with your Higher Self - Self-Healing Techniques - Finding your Soul Purpose - Activating Your Quantum You - Mindfulness and Intention Setting - Easy to Use Meditation Techniques - Lucid Dreaming and Clearing Mental Blocks - Personal Transformation and much more! The Self Beyond is not just about feeling better, but being better; healthier, more effective, more centered, and more in tune with your own wholeness. Author Lisa Falcon G has studied for over two decades in the field of spiritual science, consciousness, and the human experience. Her candor and philosophy opens the doors for a new way of being.
the end is near Surviving the apocalypse is one thing. Enjoying life after most of civilization is wiped out -- that's entirely different. Maybe you can outrun an avalanche, or escape a burning building, but can you really cut it after the unthinkable happens? Can you, for example, deal with damn dirty apes, convert your car to run on bathtub gin, or synthesize a species-saving vaccine from your own mucus? No? Obviously, it's not going to be as easy as you thought to come out of Armageddon as the new ruling king of the world. Any chump off the street could be lucky enough to have the immunity to survive the all-of-humanity-killing disease, or be the one dude who happens to make it through a meteor strike. But not everyone will know what clothes to wear to intimidate, or what kind of vehicle you want to be driving in the postapocalyptic wasteland. Not everyone will have the sense to discern whether their food is, in fact, people. You can survive the apocalypse without this book. But the apocalypse isn't the problem: It's what happens afterward. You against the other people left in the world. You'd better be prepared.
This revolutionary bedtime book is a MUST-HAVE for every young person who dreams and is an invaluable, empowering tool for those who are suffering with nightmares and the anxiety that comes with them. In The Good Night Fairy Helps Via Change Her Dream, REMy and her friends (Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta - who possess the same 'talents' as the brainwaves after which they are named), help a young girl change her scary nightmare to happier, more playful dream with the powerful psychological experience of Lucid Dreaming. Written in verse, this intelligent and accessible book educates readers about the stages of the sleep cycle, emphasizes the importance of sleep, and empowers children to take an active role in their own dream world with a child-friendly guide to becoming a lucid dreamer Afterword by the authors of A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming: Mastering the Art of Oneironautics From the back cover: If you, like Via, wake up through the night With nightmares that haunt you or give you a fright, Or if you are frustrated, trying to sleep With anxiety, out of bed you may leap. Let your worries be banished, for REMy is here With the knowledge she shares your bad dreams disappear. It's called Lucid Dreaming and inside this book You'll learn how to do it, now come have a look

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