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Children's ministry can be fun and meaningful when you use these incredibly creative resources from Godprints--"The Most Creative Children's Ministry Resource Ever!" Every activity helps kids learn what God is like and how to become more like Him! That's why we say - these are Resources That Leave a Godprint!
A collection of plays for junior secondary students
An illustrated introduction to different kinds of jokes features tongue twisters and knock-knock jokes grouped by the letter of the alphabet featured in each, along with humorous riddles, including "Where is the ocean the deepest? On the bottom."
Get ready to giggle with this amazing collection of Dr. Seuss's funniest tales.
Do you know all of the silly names for different groups of animals? Gaggles of Giggles highlights some of these groups while the animals engage in their secret silly activities that humans rarely get to see. Michelle Davila is a teacher, writer, and artist who has dedicated her life towards creatively educating children through engaging content. Located in Pittsburgh, Michelle tapped into her inner child to write and illustrate her first of many books. A percentage of all purchases is donated to charity. For more information, please visit
"The Rising of the Hunter" is a deconstruction of the vampire genre written by 15-year-old Yogesh Tulsi, with regards to obsessive vampires and the way women in those types of novels react. Instead of falling for the hunky Alonzo, young Clara Robinson is disgusted by him, and when hunted by vampires, takes it upon herself to kill them rather than waiting for the "good" vampire to save her. Inspired by Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this action-packed story is filled with romance, twists and turns, interesting and well-developed characters that leads up to a big finish.

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