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Reprint. Originally published: New York: Grosset & Dunlap, A1909.
First published in 1909, "A Girl of the Limberlost" is American author and naturalist Gene Stratton-Porter's sequel to her 1904 novel "Freckles" and continues the stories of many of the same characters. Also set in Indiana near the Limberlost Swamp at the beginning of the 20th century, it tells the tale of Elnora Comstock, a young girl who is just entering high school at the outset of the novel. The story is one of Elnora's emerging adulthood and her struggles: to overcome her poverty; to win the love of her mother, who blames Elnora for her husband's death; to afford an education and a more secure future; and to find a romantic love of her own. Elnora is an admirable heroine, hard-working and diligent, respectful and resourceful. She collects moths and artifacts from the Limberlost to sell and uses the money to better herself and save for college. Like the rare moths she finds, Elnora too undergoes a transformation from a shy and reticent young girl into an intelligent and charming young lady, who earns the admiration of all she meets and eventually the love and acceptance she so desires. A classic and romantic coming of age story, "A Girl of the Limberlost" will delight readers of all ages. This edition is printed on premium acid-free paper.
"A Girl of the Limberlost, a novel by American writer and naturalist Gene Stratton-Porter, was published in August 1909. It is considered a classic of Indiana literature. It is the sequel to her earlier novel Freckles.The story takes place in Indiana, in and around the Limberlost Swamp. Even at the time, this impressive wetland region was being reduced by heavy logging, natural oil extraction and drainage for agriculture. (The swamp and forestland eventually ceased to exist, though projects since the 1990s have begun to restore a small part of it.)"
It is about this very bit of Indiana that Mrs. Porter has written her book,"Moths of the Limberlost," and it is the most unusual and interesting nature book ever imagined. It is a story of the "Moths" of the Limberlost which every reader of "A Girl of the Limberlost" will remember. Mrs. Porter pictures and describes the moth, hunted by Elnora, and in these chapters there is one oi the landscapes over which she hunted, much of the swamp, and the very bridge under which she was working to cut loose a cocoon when Philip came up the stream, fishing. There is also the log cabin in which Elnora lived. The text is just scientific enough to give the name and description of each moth, cocoon and caterpillar; the remainder is a fascinating record of personal experiences in finding or raising the specimens.
Romances of the Land from Gene Stratton-Porter This collection includes: A Girl of the Limberlost Freckles The Harvester A Daughter of the Land At the Foot of the Rainbow Her Father's Daughter Laddie: A True Blue Story Michael O'Halloran
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The novel is set in Indiana. Most of the action takes place either in or around the Limberlost Swamp, or in the nearby town of Onabasha.The novel's heroine Elnora Comstock is a poor girl who lives with her widowed mother Katharine Comstock on the edge of the Limberlost Swamp. At the beginning of the novel, Elnora is just beginning high school, where her unfashionable dress adds to her difficulty blending in with the other students.

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