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God delivered Israel from Egyptian bondage to captivate them for Himself. In the arid wilderness He planned to reveal His nature and ways to them, but they drew back. How different are we today? Many confess the Lordship of Jesus and acknowledge His saving power, yet like Israel, they've drawn back. Rather than pursuing His heart they have cleaved to this world's form of worship-the worship of self. As a result we have changed the image of Jesus to be like us. Fire can alter these images. The fire we need is found in the Holiness of God. God is calling us to draw nearer tremble on Mt. Zion...transformed to touch others.
"Heart Ablaze" is a book of poems written from a heart passionate for the things of the Spirit. It draws you into a deeper more intimate relationship with God. Some of the topics included are forgiveness, freedom, love and worship. These poems are healing for the heart and refreshment for the soul.
From island garden to golden coast, souvenirs from my treasure chest. The second anthology with 128 poems from four decades is an artistic adventure with colors of nature, love and friendship. A tribute to the divine communion of creation and a greater design of interwoven destinies that inspired me to write. Cover painting by Chantal Dassanayake
As morning breaks, The sun highlights the ocean, Separating the shades of green From the deep and the sandbars, Reflections sparkling across the breakers. I move closer, Hands moving slowly. A soft moan, Eyes still closed, A soft smile crosses your lips. You know I am here Dan Rizzo The raw emotions that often accompany love have the potential to not only wrap us in unbridled happiness, but also leave us defenseless against the heartache that can sometimes occur when we willingly give our hearts to others. In a collection of contemporary poems, Dan Rizzo shares in-depth reflections that explore many of the feelings related to love and the pain of broken promises. From mesmerizing emerald eyes to a passionate love that binds two souls forever to forbidden inner-thoughts that overshadow a dinner conversation, Rizzo takes others down a joyful, sometimes sorrow-filled path where he subtly encourages others to persevere through heartache to find the one thing we all crave most in life: true love. Matters of the Heart and Soul shares poems created from one mans journey through love, loss, and the belief that one day, his soul mate will find him.
The evangelical church is home to many who claim to follow Christ but who show little evidence of a truly transformed life. Todd Wilson's Real Christian: Bearing the Marks of Authentic Faith biblically defines what it means to be a true Christian, calling readers to look at their own lives and diagnose where they aren’t living authentically for God. With a prophetic voice, Wilson looks at how we deceive ourselves into thinking we are really living for God through believing the right things or doing lots of spiritual activities. In contrast, real Christians are marked by five key qualities: broken-hearted joy, a humble disposition, a readiness to acknowledge sin, an ability to live balanced and avoid legalism, and a deep spiritual hunger that drives growth. All of these qualities culminate in the single defining mark of a real Christian—love. To help in distinguishing genuine faith from counterfeit spirituality, Wilson draws upon the gospels, the writings of Paul, and the insights of theologian Jonathan Edwards to help readers understand the necessary marks of an authentic, transformed life, marks that show evidence of a new heart and bear spiritual fruit through the work of the Holy Spirit.
Dr. Kristi Lemley has the passion of a revivalist, the wisdom of a counselor, the theology of a Bible scholar, the pinpoint accuracy of a teacher of the Word, and the urgency of an evangelist. ABLAZE will help you become a reservoir large enough to contain the torrential rain that the Lord is about to send and ready you for the greatest move of God we have ever seen! - Dr. Jamie Morgan, Host of the revival podcast: Fire Starter with Dr. Jamie Morgan There is nothing more powerful than the presence of God where, in one moment, a life forever changes. Revival occurs when this experience intensifies beyond imagination and lavishes upon multiple people at one time. Ablaze is not a step-by-step method for revival, but assists in: Defining revival Pinpointing characteristics of biblical revival Determining the theology of revival Preparing the heart for revival Creating an atmosphere conducive for revival Guidance on how to maintain and lead through revival Are you ready to prepare your heart to receive all that God has planned for you?
Poems putting voice to characters that took part in the Passion of Christ. Poems and prayers about aspects of Stations of the cross
Christianity is based on the foundation of the good news of the gospel. Yet how many Christians truly find their identity there? How many are thriving in a community clinging to the gospel? How many forget about the wondrous glory of Jesus? J. A. Medders is on a mission to help Christians remember that the power that raised Jesus from the dead is also the power for our everyday life in Christ. Yet living a gospel-centered life does not always come easily. The biblical meditations in Gospel Formed help to kindle, or rekindle, the passion to live a grace-addicted, truth-filled, Jesus-exalting life by constantly driving the reader back to the power of the cross and the empty tomb. Funny, punchy, and theologically accessible, readers will be encouraged, challenged, and ultimately reoriented to the true North of Christianity—Christ Himself.
Written by one of the world's leading missionary statesmen, this book describes the spiritual dynamics of leadership, how one can be more fully a Spirit-filled leader, and how to be more aflame for God.
In 1880 Dostoevsky completed The Brothers Karamazov, the literary effort for which he had been preparing all his life. Compelling, profound, complex, it is the story of a patricide and of the four sons who each had a motive for murder: Dmitry, the sensualist, Ivan, the intellectual; Alyosha, the mystic; and twisted, cunning Smerdyakov, the bastard child. Frequently lurid, nightmarish, always brilliant, the novel plunges the reader into a sordid love triangle, a pathological obsession, and a gripping courtroom drama. But throughout the whole, Dostoevsky searhes for the truth--about man, about life, about the existence of God. A terrifying answer to man's eternal questions, this monumental work remains the crowning achievement of perhaps the finest novelist of all time. From the Paperback edition.
They're gorgeous, sophisticated, and successful--but the lives of these three New York City "It Girls" are about to be turned upside down. . . With her career as an attorney on the rise, and her millionaire boyfriend about to propose, Tamia has it all. Then she meets Malik, a sexy Harlem brother who makes her second-guess everything. Love struck, Tamia's on a mission to convince Malik to stop playing hard to get and come along for the ride. . . Since she married a pastor, Troy has gone from smokin' hottie to Bible-quoting church lady. Everyone thinks Troy is happy until some dirty secrets turn her life--and her marriage--upside down. . . As the wife of a pro basketball player and mother of two, Tasha has traded her fabulous city life for the suburbs. Bored and starving for action, Tasha's desires spin out of control, and she finds that being the new "It Girl" has its drawbacks. . . "Octavia gives Sex and the City a smart Afrocentric update." --Publishers Weekly "It's clear that Octavia is talented with a great imagination and storytelling ability." --RT Book Review "Entertaining and packed with drama." --RT Book Reviews
Peter Hopkirk's book tells for the first time the story of the Bolshevik attempt between the wars to set the East ablaze with the new gospel of Marxism. Lenin's dream was to liberate the whole of Asia, but his starting point was British India. A shadowy, undeclared war followed.Among the players in this new Great Game were British Indian intelligence officers and the professional revolutionaries of the Communist International. There were also Muslim visionaries and Chinese warlords - as well as a White Russian baron who roasted his Bolshevik captives alive.Here is an extraordinary tale of intrigue and treachery, barbarism and civil war, whose echoes continue to be heard in Central Asia today.
In June 1944 Raymond Stolpe boarded a ship in San Diego headed for the Mariana Islands (Saipan and Tinian) where, he experienced his first combat – a midnight Banzai charge by the enemy- a frantic all-out, all night charge by the enemy. In the morning, Stolpe saw over 1,000 dead enemy soldiers. Later in the Tinian campaign, Lt. Shearer ordered Stolpe and his buddy Charles Leslie to set out booby traps in front of their position. Then at night, when they began lighting up the area in front of Stolpe’s position, they exposed the attacking enemy. Stolpe jumped to his feet and threw a grenade on target and silenced the enemy’s machine gun. Stolpe was one of the very first Americans to land in Nagasaki after the bomb had wiped out the city. His job then became one of peacemaker to the Japanese people. It was a great challenge, but one he was happy to accept.

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