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The history of the predominantly Muslim world is examined within the context of world history. It examines political, economic, and broad cultural developments, as well as specifically religious ones. The themes of the book are tradition and adaptation: it examines the tensions between the desire of Muslims to maintain continuity with their legacy and their recognition of the need to adapt to changing conditions.
A History of the Muslim World since 1260 continues the narrative begun by A History of the Muslim World to 1750 by tracing the development of Muslim civilizations from the Mongols through to the present day. It offers students a balanced coverage of the Muslim world encompassing the region from the Iberian Peninsula to South Asia, and engages with all areas of Muslim societies and cultures with a focus on presenting the interaction between the expression of faith and contemporary social conditions. This extensively updated second edition is now in full color, and the chronology of the book has been extended to include modern-day developments in the Muslim world. The images and maps have also been refreshed, and the literature has been updated to include the latest research from the last 10 years, including a section dedicated to the roles and status of women within Muslim societies throughout history. Divided chronologically into three parts and accompanied by a detailed glossary, A History of the Muslim World since 1260 is a perfect introduction for all students of the history of Islamic civilizations.
This book is the first comprehensive attempt to assess an Orthodox Christian ‘position’ on Islam. It demonstrates how a growing number of ordained and lay leaders have reframed the discussion within the Orthodox Church, while participating in dialogue with Muslims.
"Deals with all aspects of Islamic art and architecture ranging from the Middle East to Africa to Central, South, and East Asia and includes entries on artists, rulers, writers, ceramics, sculpture, metalwork, painting, calligraphy, textiles, and more"--Provided by publisher.

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