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Journey of Choices is a compilation of poems covering the teen years to young adult life. These poems were inspired by the challenges faced in school, dealing with depression, finding young love, and discovering who we are in these challenging times. There is a mixture of poems in this book. Some are informative poems about Indira Gandhi and the Great Depression, while others are about life, mothers, love and finding oneself. They express situations and feelings that we all have experienced in everyday life. Come along on a journey of understanding that makes many stops before reaching its destination. Heaven Bright light, Colourful flowers, Trees soaring high, I, in the middle trying to reach the sky. I want to be part of the world Where life is life and not death, Where I can reach my goal And not just see it. I lay in my bed With thoughts in my dreams I want to reach the top Be successful and be known I don't want to die without Knowing how the world looks. Without seeing the beauty made by Him. I want my life to be like HEAVEN
This book is a collection of poems for people who enjoy reading poems about life issues and problems around the world.
Are you tired of seeking and searching for answers and acceptance and always coming up empty? Are you losing hope? Have you stopped dreaming? Are you living a discouraged, defeated life, focused on your failures and seemingly endless sources of discontent? Regardless of the reason, your disappointment plays right into the plans and purposes of your enemy: to keep you down and depressed, pathetic and unproductive, to poison your potential and corrupt your calling. Let Sierra Kinsley share lessons learned from her own riveting, heartrending journey away from rejection and abuse, destructive choices, and the relentless pursuit of more to the powerful, life-changing truths that offered her true freedom and forgivenessthe same truths that will set you free and guide you to your own personal victory. Your Choices Matter is filled with principles, proofs, and promises as well as extraordinary stories to guide, encourage, and inspire you to pull out of your pit and into your potentialto transform you into the person you were created to be so you can begin living the life you were meant to live. You dont have to remain a victim of your trying and troubled past or a prisoner of your present circumstances. This time really can be different. You can break free from your condemning voices and crummy choices, even the unfair circumstances that have beaten you down and bruised or broken your spirit. You can overcome the pain of the past and live a richer, fuller, more productive lifeYour Choices Matter shows you howone right choice at a time.
Many Christian teachers dismiss the field of psychology, and self-discovery, similarly, is often discounted. But this author begs to differ. For inasmuch as we were created in God's image, to learn more about self is to learn more about the Father we were fashioned after, and vice versa. After all, we look a lot alike. ALL truth is compatible with Scripture because God is the author of it all, and that includes many of the theories of psychology. True, psychology typically leaves out the main character of the biblical story, but that's not to say we still can't learn from this discipline, as long as we keep things in proper perspective. In this book, six psychological theories of human behavior are given a Christian interpretation. The goal is to incorporate all of God's truth to more fully understand our struggle to become princes.
It’s not every day you get sucked into a portal to Hell. Crystal Wynter’s life is in turmoil. She’s banished demons to Hell only she’s stuck there too, with the witch Gavin, a close friend and a good kisser, and Vince, who may or may not still be her boyfriend. As the trio struggles to survive demon attacks and traverse this hellhole, it soon becomes clear that Crystal must find a way to become magic incarnate again. If she can’t, they will be stuck, body and soul, in Hell for all of eternity.
A tribute to the contributing authors celebrities in their own right. Youll be immersed in the power of voice, choice and challenges. Youll embrace their determination and purpose. Youll laugh, youll cry, youll rejoice in their victorious achievements! What you can learn from CHOICES. ***You can fulfill your Dreams Its never too late! ***You can overcome adversity and succeed ***You can live your life in Paradise The contributing authors and I wish you the best life has to offer and remember its your choice to share your dreams. Choose to make now the best of the rest of your life! Sheila Joan-S StephenSandiBonnie ChuckLeteciaRudy RheaRicaMichael BarbaraJoan-C Cathi

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