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Deriving insights from the life of Jesus in the Gospels, Klaus Issler uncovers the dynamics involved in truly becoming more Christlike. He shows how you can forge much deeper connections with Jesus. The result is a closer alignment between what you want to do as a follower of Jesus, what you actually do and who you are becoming in him.
Translated By Richard A. Schuchert; My book called A Life of Jesus may cause surprise for American readers when they discover an interpretation of Jesus somewhat at odds with the image they now possess.
Traces the events of Jesus' life from his birth to his ascension. Frequently cites the best of other works written about Christ. Contains an expanded outline of the life of Christ, historical and geographical background material, indexes, and special studies. Contains an expansive bibliography.
In the New Testament, Jesus reassures the Apostles before he ascends to heaven by saying, ?You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses ... to the ends of the earth.? What of this Spirit? In what way was that Spirit manifested in Jesus' ministry on earth? What does it offer us? And ask of us? These reflections by the preacher to the papal household coalesce biblical and doctrinal thought on the gifts conferred by anointing in the Spirit?kingly, prophetic, and priestly?onto Christ and through Christ to the Church. As one well accustomed to illuminating the Word to his audience, Father Cantalamessa bestows on readers an understanding of the Holy Spirit that is both practical and profound.?This slim volume contains rich meditations on the meaning and role of the Spirit as portrayed in the New Testament, particularly the Gospels.? The Bible Today
The pen of Archangel Gabriel, companion and angel-muse of Jesus, records this poetic Gospel of Jesus' human struggles of flesh, faith and finally death. This Gospel reveals not only a mystical Jesus but a passionately human Jesus. The Reader's Companion at the end of Gabriel contains invaluable notes on the wealth of contemporary Scripture scholarship, which is a basis for this life of Jesus. Edward Hays' reflections in these notes hold fresh perspectives on the implications of Jesus' words in our time.

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