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After receiving a classical Chinese primary and a bilingual secondary education in his father's school Rayson Huang entered the University of Hong Kong in 1938. The forty-eight years thereafter, except for two short intervals, were spent in studying, teaching, research, and/or administration in universities in Hong Kong, China, Britain, the United States, Singapore and Malaysia. The first of the two intervals, of about a year, came as a result of the fall of Hong Kong to the Japanese in late 1941 when he moved, as a refugee, into Free China and after a spell of school teaching started his career in a university in Kweilin. The second interval, lasting some six months, was spent making his way by land, air, and sea via Chungking the war-time capital in China's hinterland, and India, to England to take up a scholarship awarded him by the Rhodes Trust at Oxford. The last seventeen years of his working life were taken up serving as vice-chancellor of Nanyang University, the controversial Chinese university in Singapore, and of Hong Kong University. This autobiography records Rayson Huang's diverse university experience of a half century. It also gives an account of the siege of Hong Kong and life in war-torn China and of two bodies on which he later served: the Legislative Council in Hong Kong and Beijing's Drafting Committee which formulated a Basic Law for the territory after its return to China in 1997.
Women have made major contributions to science throughout history, including in the field of engineering. Learn about the lives of some of the most amazing women in engineering, from Grace Hopper to GM executive Grace Lieblein, as well as their exciting and important work. Discover what it takes to be an engineer and find out about the opportunities for women in the field. Read Women in Engineering to see if following in the footsteps of the many brilliant women who have made their mark in engineering is something you want to do.
High Speed Pulse Technology, Volume IV: Sparks and Laser Pulses covers the production and practical aspects of sparks and laser pulses for the generation and utilization of high speed pulsed of energy in different forms. This volume consists of seven chapters and begins with reviews of the classification of photographic methods of high-speed analysis, specifically the motion analysis of rapid events by white light pulses. The next chapters examine the sources of white pulse light and nanosecond radiation. The remaining chapters discuss the applications of the technology in photography, photolysis, laser pumping, and visualization of flows, cracks, and particles. This book will prove useful to physicists, electrical and other engineering fields, teachers, and students who are interested in sparks and laser pulses.
A Lifetime in English Education is a reminder of how important a good school can be in providing pupils from all backgrounds with a rounded education that can only strengthen the bonds of society. This unique insight on the history of post-war British education, tells the personal journey of Philip Vennis – a crusading educationalist, whose long career started at Dulwich College, after which he spent a short time at Bletchley Park as an intelligence officer. Following his degree from Cambridge he taught for nine years at East Ham Grammar School for Boys, became a Deputy Headmaster at Ounsdale Comprehensive School in Wombourne, and then a Headmaster at New Mills Grammar School, Derbyshire, finishing his career with almost twenty years as Principal of one of Hampshire’s premier Sixth Form colleges at Itchen College, Southampton. As his career develops so does his conviction in a belief that a wide ranging education should be provided by the state for all. Philip’s career spanned the post-war education acts, and the rise of the comprehensive system, right up to the cultural changes of the eighties. His belief in public service, his passion for the arts, and his conviction in the power of education to help people transcend their backgrounds is completely different from the primary experience for most current Heads, that of managing a budget and making schools more cost-effective and running them like a business. This book, written by his wife, Diana Vennis, should be an inspiration to all progressive educationalists. In a contemporary environment where the co-ed, comprehensive, open access philosophy seems to have lost out to a market-led educational system, this book is a timely reminder of the journey British education has taken in the post-war period.
This book illuminates what engineering is and how it relates to other disciplines such as art, architecture, law, economics, science, technology, and even religion. The author explains, from an intrinsic as well as descriptive perspective, why engineering is essential for our collective well-being, and how, like medicine, it is undertaken by people, and for people, to improve the human condition. He brings out the 'magic' of engineering practice as well as addressing the darker aspects such as warfare and the misuse of the internet. A too commonly held view assumes that the practice of engineers is a cold, purely quantitative and wholly technical enterprise of applying know science, and devoid of creativity or aestheticism. In 2013 the United States National Academy of Engineering launched a campaign called “Changing the Conversation, Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineering” with four messages to impart about engineers: that they make a world of difference; are creative problem solvers; that they help shape the future, and are essential to health, happiness, and safety. In this volume, Professor Blockley incorporate these messages into an engaging exposition of engineering accomplishment in all of its evolving diversity, from the technician to the academic research engineer, illustrating the continuum of thinking and purpose from the fixer of the gas boiler to the designers of the A380 and the iPhone.
This volume contains the papers presented at IALCCE2016, the fifth International Symposium on Life-Cycle Civil Engineering (IALCCE2016), to be held in Delft, The Netherlands, October 16-19, 2016. It consists of a book of extended abstracts and a DVD with full papers including the Fazlur R. Khan lecture, keynote lectures, and technical papers from all over the world. All major aspects of life-cycle engineering are addressed, with special focus on structural damage processes, life-cycle design, inspection, monitoring, assessment, maintenance and rehabilitation, life-cycle cost of structures and infrastructures, life-cycle performance of special structures, and life-cycle oriented computational tools. The aim of the editors is to provide a valuable source for anyone interested in life-cycle of civil infrastructure systems, including students, researchers and practitioners from all areas of engineering and industry.

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