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Highly Commended, BMA Medical Book Awards 2014 The fifth edition of this highly successful and well-regarded book continues to provide those working in neonatal intensive care units with precise instructions on the diagnosis and management of common neonatal problems. This edition has been extensively updated and revised, while retaining the background physiology, key references, and diagrams that made previous editions so successful. Several new chapters have been added, including the subjects of fetal medicine, antenatal diagnosis, and obstetrics for the neonatologist. Using a clear, accessible style, this edition features discussions of evidence-based medicine and the introduction of additional easy-to-digest lists. The text has been made more internationally applicable, including a re-focus of the chapter on organization of neonatal care away from UK-specific admission criteria and more towards general reasons for admitting a baby to the intensive care ward. A Manual for Neonatal Intensive Care provides invaluable guidance for trainees in pediatrics, neonatology, and neonatal nursing and forms a useful ready-reference for the practicing pediatrician and nurse.
The 4th edition of this highly successful and well-regarded book has been extensively updated and revised, and continues to provide the busy paediatrician or nurse working in neonatal or intensive care units with precise instructions on the diagnosis and management of common neonatal problems. Major changes have been made to the chapters on resuscitation and ventilation reflecting recent developments in the field, a symptom-based approach has been adopted in the cardiac section, and there is a new chapter on bereavement. The text continues to cover common respiratory, infective and metabolic problems and paediatric surgery, and provides an outline of the physiological basis for illness in the child and of the subsequent management period.
This edition of the Manual of Neonatal Care has been completely updated and extensively revised to reflect the changes in fetal, perinatal, and neonatal care that have occurred since the sixth edition. This portable text covers current and practical approaches to evaluation and management of conditions encountered in the fetus and the newborn, as practiced in high volume clinical services that include contemporary prenatal and postnatal care of infants with routine, as well as complex medical and surgical problems. Written by expert authors from the Harvard Program in Neonatology and other major neonatology programs across the United States, the manual's outline format gives readers rapid access to large amounts of valuable information quickly. The Children's Hospital Boston Neonatology Program at Harvard has grown to include 57 attending neonatologists and 18 fellows who care for more than 28,000 newborns delivered annually. The book also includes the popular appendices on topics such as common NICU medication guidelines, the effects of maternal drugs on the fetus, and the use of maternal medications during lactation. Plus, there are intubation/sedation guidelines and a guide to neonatal resuscitation on the inside covers that provide crucial information in a quick and easy format.
Using an easy-to-follow outline style and filled with helpful tables and charts, this proven favorite was written to assist house officers, fellows, and nurses in day-to-day practice issues in neonatal intensive care. Extensively field-tested and highly practical, it truly provides everything you need to know to take care of very sick infants. Large hospitals with many rotating personnel will benefit by using one consistent source for handling problems in the NICU. Easy-to-read outline format provides clear guidelines on care in the NICU Comprehensive coverage in a handy white-coat-pocket size Evidence-based approach for all treatment recommendations Logical, step-by-step approach to major problems in the NICU Incorporates the latest technologic advances in neonatal care Content significantly updated throughout New chapters include Prenatal Diagnosis, Antepartum and Intrapartum Assessment, Multifetal Gestation, Grief and Bereavement, and Medical Informatics
The Manual of Surgical Neonatal Intensive Care addresses the interdisciplinary area of perioperative management of newborns with surgical conditions. These babies generally spend less than a day in the operating room, but require weeks, or even months of complex pre and post operative care that spans medical and surgical areas of expertise. Though many textbooks and manuals address the strictlty medical or surgical management of newborns, relatively little has been written about issues that cross medical and surgical specialties. Information in this manual will be useful to clinicians to using working knowledge gained by clinicians
Used by physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to correctly prescribe, calculate dosing, formulate, and administer clinical drugs and perinatal nutrition solutions for infants, this manual has evolved into a standard reference in neonatal intensive care units around the country.
This handy book is a practical guide to the management of newborn infants both in the delivery suite and in the postnatal ward. It forms a companion to 'A Manual of Neonatal Intensive Care' and provides comprehensive information on all aspects of normal neonatal care, together with the criteria by which babies should be admitted to neonatal intensive care units. No section of the book has been left untouched by rigorous updating, which has been aided by detailed specialist reviews. This revision reflects important trends, and growing problems, in modern neonatal care (such as the increase in the number of home births, a greater knowledge of the effects of maternal infection, and the continuing controversy regarding the pros and cons of formular feeds) and incorporates new legislation and the most recent relevant references.

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