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Beautiful, full-color photography and illustrations combine with practical, hands-on information about color, lighting, floral care, containers, construction, and technique to provide a thorough grounding in the art of flower arranging and floral design. Reprint.
Principles of Floral Design: An Illustrated Guide introduces the hands-on skills and theory required to begin a career as a floral designer. This heavily illustrated textbook begins by introducing the floriculture industry and careers, the history of floriculture, and design principles and elements. The textbook then presents the various types of products used in floral designs, before progressing to common floral applications and events. This modern and visual introduction to floral design will appeal to students who are interested in careers in the industry and to those who take the course as a fine arts elective. Highly illustrated Step-by-Step Procedures throughout the textbook provide clear instruction covering floral design basics, such as taping and gluing, to creating full-size floral arrangements. The extensive end-of-chapter materials--including a chapter summary, review questions, critical thinking questions, STEM and academic activities, and ideas for SAEs--provide instructors with ample material for students to review and reinforce chapter material and help students connect floral design content to career and college readiness skills. Extensive illustrated glossaries of flowers, foliage, and potted and flowering plants serve as an excellent reference and as a study aid for student competitions.
Advance your basic skills or offer valuable training to apprentice designers with our latest volume, which is filled with techniques and how-to's to inspire you and help you excel at the art of flower arranging. Industry veteran Teresa P. Lanker, who for more than 20 years has taught floral design and marketing at The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, shares her expertise as author of this definitive guide. The design methods featured have proven especially successful among floral design students with little or no expertise. Flower recipes and step-by-step instructions walk you through the basics, and variations show you how to expand on your knowledge with more advanced designs. We've also included entire chapters on proper packaging of flowers, working with balloons and creating a perfect commercial display. A comprehensive flower glossary and care and handling appendix help you choose and condition flowers for optimal use. With more than 500 photos, this book leads you through every step in the process with easy-to-follow how-to's. Learn the tips and tricks of the floral trade, and master the fundamentals of floral design, all while working through the lessons at your own pace.
Create the flower arrangements of your dreams to keep at home, take to the office, or display on any special occasion using the simple tips and tricks and masterful techniques taught by Executive Director and professor Calvert Crary and the master florists at FlowerSchool New York. FlowerSchool New York is one of the world's premiere institutes for floral design and artistry, offering career development courses certified by the New York State Board of Education, and exclusive master class programs taught by celebrated master florists including Kiana Underwood, Remco Van Vliet, Lewis Miller, Emily Thompson, and Ingrid Carozzi. Now, for the first time, FlowerSchool Executive Director Calvert Crary is publishing a book that will make it possible for even the greenest at-home arrangers to create gorgeous, Instagram worthy bouquets. This hands-on, comprehensive guide provides readers with step-by-step instructions that cover all the most crucial aspects of flower arranging, including: How to buy the best flowers and how to get the best prices Selecting your flowers based on texture, color, and seasonality Conditioning your flowers to ensure they last as long as possible Pairing your flowers with the right vase Creating arrangements in a wide variety of styles that will work for any occasion Including advice from the school's well-respected master florists, and featuring beautiful color photographs of each unique arrangement, Flower School offers invaluable, insider tips and tricks that can only be gained through years of experience, providing readers with the fundamental tools and education they need to create homemade floral arrangements that are on par with any professional design.
During America's Gilded Age (dates), the country was swept by a mania for all things Japanese. It spread from coast to coast, enticed everyone from robber barons to street vendors with its allure, and touched every aspect of life from patent medicines to wallpaper. Americans of the time found in Japanese art every design language: modernism or tradition, abstraction or realism, technical virtuosity or unfettered naturalism, craft or art, romance or functionalism. The art of Japan had a huge influence on American art and design. Title compares juxtapositions of American glass, silver and metal arts, ceramics, textiles, furniture, jewelry, advertising, and packaging with a spectrum of Japanese material ranging from expensive one-of-a-kind art crafts to mass-produced ephemera. Beginning in the Aesthetic movement, this book continues through the Arts & Crafts era and ends in Frank Lloyd Wright's vision, showing the reader how that model became transformed from Japanese to American in design and concept. Hannah Sigur is an art historian, writer, and editor with eight years' residence and study in East and Southeast Asia. She has a master's degree from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, and is completing a PhD in the arts of Japan. Her writings include co-authoring A Master Guide to the Art of Floral Design (Timber Press, 2002), which is listed in "The Best Books of 2002" by The Christian Science Monitor and is now in its second edition; and "The Golden Ideal: Chinese Landscape Themes in Japanese Art," in Lotus Leaves, A Master Guide to the Art of Floral Design (2001). She lives in Berkeley.
Expanding Nationalisms at World’s Fairs: Identity, Diversity, and Exchange, 1851–1915 introduces the subject of international exhibitions to art and design historians and a wider audience as a resource for understanding the broad and varied political meanings of design during a period of rapid industrialization, developing nationalism, imperialism, expanding trade and the emergence of a consumer society. Its chapters, written by both established and emerging scholars, are global in scope, and demonstrate specific networks of communication and exchange among designers, manufacturers, markets and nations on the modern world stage from the second half of the nineteenth century into the beginning of the twentieth. Within the overarching theme of nationalism and internationalism as revealed at world’s fairs, the book’s essays will engage a more complex understanding of ideas of competition and community in an age of emergent industrial capitalism, and will investigate the nuances, contradictions and marginalized voices that lie beneath the surface of unity, progress, and global expansion.
Master The Art of Livening Up Living Spaces And Special Events With This Unconventional And Powerful Guide To Floral Design. Floral design can be surprisingly difficult. It may look easy at first--since flowers are already beautiful, throwing together a few flowers and making a bouquet should be easy and pleasing to the eye--but that's not often the case. Coupled with the dearth of authoritative information on floral design, it easy to see why a lot of floral patterns may look colorful, but lack depth and a certain something that gives a flower arrangement that conveys a tangible feeling, atmosphere or mood. Unlike other books on floral design, most of which are often outdated and ill-adapted for the tastes of the modern world, Rebecca Wellner and Bo Morgan have teamed up to create a masterpiece on floral design that is as timeless as it's effective. While other books focus on step-by-step instruction on how to create particular floral designs, Wellner and Morgan show you how to actually think about floral design like an expert and intuitively make floral arrangements that are perfect for any and every occasion. Here's a preview of what you're going to discover in this guide: The five basic elements required for breathtaking floral designs Essential floral design tools you need to have How to think about colors and matching the right colors for your floral arrangement Foolproof flower identification guide to help you pick the right flowers for any event Mind-blowing floral arrangements for any event and how you can make them ...and tons more! Although designed for beginners and jam-packed with creative insights and indispensable techniques, Floral Design: A Beginner's Guide To Floral Arrangements contain a wealth of effective advice that can be implemented by anyone, regardless of skill level. Ready to take your floral design skills to the next level with awe-inspiring arrangements? Scroll up and click the button to purchase now!
Newly expanded and updated, the 3rd Edition of THE ART OF FLORAL DESIGN introduces the full range of floral design techniques, from basic to advanced, with vivid photographs, colorful illustrations, and easy-to-understand descriptions. The book balances theory with practice, covering the history of design, artistic elements, floral anatomy, and nomenclature, as well as techniques, tools, and specialties. Much more than a design book, THE ART OF FLORAL DESIGN, 3rd Edition prepares readers for 21st century careers with industry-specific discussions about distribution channels, marketing, advertising, finance, business practices, and labor issues. Instructors save time with the available PowerPoint slides, interactive classroom activities, and a full-color image library. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
The Effortless Floral Craftsman is a picture filled How-to and Why-to guide that systematically builds up design skills with practical advice and techniques for creative floral designers and nature lovers who craft with plant material to take their flower arrangements and designs to the next level.
Showcases nineteenth-century botanical illustrations by top contributors, tracing the development of the genre, the contributing trends of the Victorian era, and reproducing excerpts from some of the periodicals and publications of the time.
A guide to using natural tones to paint any room is designed to help homeowners select the right color--from oyster whites, to coppery russets, to egg-shell blues, to gray-pinks. 20,000 first printing.
Reveals the vital components of landscape design, offering advice on choosing a site, selecting plants, creating garden accessories, and maintaining a landscape.
Would you like to create 4D NAIL ART decorations? In this book, you'll discover how to create 4D flowers with a holding hand, step-by-step instructions. When practice and master this technique, you'll become in front of the industry, because 4D decorations are not easy to make, but worth it. 4D decorations create more texture and density to the nail designs...
Everything you need to know to create gorgeous flowers and accessories! Nylon flower craft is simple to learn, yet very versatile. Each design is described in detail, with hundreds of photos to clarify the process. This book introduces the beginner to all the tools and materials required, and also challenges more advanced crafters with exciting new techniques and designs.

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