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The song came first ... then the idea for a book. One of America's most loved and charismatic country music artists, Neal McCoy, offers a glimpse into the lives of some very brave men, women, and children. Each chapter illuminates the character of those Neal refers to as 'his heroes' who climb life's toughest mountains; through serious physical handicaps, relentless pain, the loss of someone dear, the end of a dream, or leadership under pressure. When Neal recorded A New Mountain to Climb, he thought of these people who inspired him and changed his life. Brimming with down-home humor and transparent insight, A New Mountain will compel others to find their own heroes, then make a difference. It is Neal McCoy's contagious optimism and unwavering belief that we, as a people, are at our finest when we have a New Mountain to Climb.
'A Mountain To Climb' is the true-life story of a family who lost everything during the financial downturn of 2008. The Allison Family found that their love and care for each other would prove to be invaluable as they worked together to keep from being homeless and maintain normalcy for the young Allison Children.The family hopes for a miracle to give them back the things that were lost. They come to realize that they have a mountain to climb and that God does not intend to remove it but provide the Grace to climb.
She had "A Mountain To Climb" and she reached the summit. This is her story in her own words of that climb and a tribute to her undaunted spirit. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born in Kingston Jamaica in 1953, Audrey Smalling came to England at the age of five and a half. She grew into a competitive athlete, a keen dancer and acrobat, being earmarked as potential for the Royal Ballet School of Dancing. In January 1973, just after her 19th birthday, she was in a serious car crash which left her paralysed from a C5/6 spinal cord injury to her neck. When she was finally discharged from the Orthopaedic Hospital in Oswestry and over the following years, she regained her feisty personality and became an advocate for disability and people who needed help. Her fight continued over many years to provoke action from authority for those affected by disabilities. This was pursued under extremely difficult and challenging conditions.
First, meet Jasmine, a teenage girl that lives with her single mother. Jasmine has some issues about her looks and the tragedies that surround her. She learns many valuable life lessons by escaping into her poems and asking her mother for advice. Next meet Monica, a teenage girl that feels like a baby will get her out of her destitute situation. Monica sets her plan into action only to find out that a baby does not make a situation better. Monica realizes that she has made a mistake and life is more complicated than it originally was at first.
Experienced franchisees and franchisors tell entrepreneurs what they need to know before they buy a franchise. Second edition includes a sample copy of the entire UFOC plus 40% new and updated examples. This straight-shooting franchise guide goes beyond the “how to” to teach potential franchisees what to expect when starting a franchise. Real life stories from the trenches illustrate how to cope with the difficulties a franchise presents. The author reveals the personality types most likely to succeed at franchising, and identifies entrepreneurial traits that may increase risk of failure. Plus, it takes an in-depth look at the research and investigation of a franchise, something glossed over in most franchise books.
Offering immensely practical advice, Basics of Qualitative Research, Fourth Edition presents methods that enable researchers to analyze, interpret, and make sense of their data, and ultimately build theory from it. Authors Juliet Corbin and Anselm Strauss (late of the University of San Francisco and co-creator of grounded theory) walk readers step-by-step through the research process—from the formation of the research question through several approaches to coding, analysis, and reporting. Packed with definitions and illustrative examples, this highly accessible book concludes with chapters that present criteria for evaluating a study, as well as responses to common questions posed by students of qualitative research. New end-of-chapter “Insider Insights” contributed by qualitative researchers give readers a sense of what it’s like to work in the field. Significantly revised, this Fourth Edition remains a landmark volume in the study of qualitative methods.

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