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Avian experts continue to see poor nutrition as the cause for many serious illnesses, even death, in parrots. This book offers articles from experts on the importance of raw, whole foods, the nutritional powerhouse of soaking and sprouting, avian teas, safe and toxic foods, pellets: pros and cons, a nutritional list, and over 60 healthy recipes.
This is a cookbook for people who really love their pet birds, and want to feed them healthy and delicious food. It's important to introduce variety into your bird's diet, and this cookbook will help you do just that. Sections include Breads and Pastries, Vegetable and Fruit Dishes, Potatoes and Eggs, Entrées for You and Your Bird and—of course—Treats.
Chris Chamberlain, author of the popular The Southern Foodie Cookbook, takes you back to the South for a tour of the restaurants that make the best pig dishes. When Ben Franklin lobbied his fellow founding fathers to consider the wild turkey as our young country’s national symbol, perhaps he should have considered the pig. Arguably the most democratic of all proteins, pork is welcome across the country from a gourmet pork belly dish on the menu of the toniest Charleston bistro to a whole hog roasting in a hole dug in the sand of a beach in LA (Lower Alabama). Pork is also uniquely democratic in that it is a meat that is welcome at every meal. The old saw goes that when considering a breakfast of bacon and eggs, “the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed.” While you may occasionally see a breakfast steak on the menu, the pig is the star of the morning meal. A thick-sliced smoked bologna purchased from a gas station deli in rural Tennessee is the perfect working man’s lunch, unless you consider the ultimate demonstration of the nose-to-tail versatility of the pig, a snoot sandwich made from a boiled hog’s nose slapped between two slices of white bread. Feel free not to consider that for too long... The Southern Foodie’s Guide to the Pig takes you on several journeys. An anatomic survey of the pig introduces readers to all the parts of this versatile animal and teaches procedures and recipes to prepare all sorts of wonderful dishes. A geographic tour of the Southern states will showcase restaurants in the region that have particular talents when it comes to pork. The chefs and pitmasters have shared some of their most sacred secrets, the actual recipes for the best pork, barbecue and bacon dishes that emerge from their kitchens. Finally, since man cannot live by pig alone (unfortunately), there is also a selection of recipes that are great accompaniments to the pork dishes contributed by the fifty Southern restaurants that are featured. So feel free to keep a copy of this book in your glovebox to help you find the best place for an elegant meal in Atlanta or that hidden gem of a barbecue joint in Kentucky. Or get this book a little dirty in the kitchen as you take your own tour of the South’s best pork dishes while you plan your meals for the week. Either way you use it, it’s a journey well worth taking.
How did one dine with a shogun? Or make solid gold soup, sculpt with a fish, or turn seaweed into a symbol of happiness? In this fresh look at Japanese culinary history, Eric C. Rath delves into the writings of medieval and early modern Japanese chefs to answer these and other provocative questions, and to trace the development of Japanese cuisine from 1400 to 1868. Rath shows how medieval "fantasy food" rituals—where food was revered as symbol rather than consumed—were continued by early modern writers. The book offers the first extensive introduction to Japanese cookbooks, recipe collections, and gastronomic writings of the period and traces the origins of dishes like tempura, sushi, and sashimi while documenting Japanese cooking styles and dining customs.
Rusty Parrot Cookbook Recipes from Jackson Hole's Acclaimed Lodge Darla Worden and Eliza Cross The Rusty Parrot Lodge & Spa has been known for its fabulous complementary gourmet breakfasts, and now, with The Rusty Parrot Cookbook, any home chef can create The Rusty Parrot's famous and deliciously over-the-top breakfasts as well as their amazing dinners and desserts. Mouthwatering recipes from a Jackson Hole favorite Darla Worden, a Wyoming native, worked at a historic Wyoming inn slinging hash during college summers--which began her love of great Wyoming lodges as well as her appreciation of Western hospitality. She writes travel and lifestyle stories about Wyoming architecture, lodges, artists, and craftspeople for numerous publications and owns a public relations firm in Jackson Hole, where she lives with her family. Eliza Cross writes about cuisine, art, architecture, green living, and other lifestyle topics for numerous publications including Mountain Living, Natural Home and EcoStructure. The author of three books--including "Food Lovers' Guide to Colorado"--she often prepares and styles cuisine for photo shoots and teaches the occasional soup-making class. She lives in Centennial, Colorado.
From visiting the iconic Liberty Bell during a relaxed Old City ramble to enjoying a concert at Penn's Landing, discover all the best things to do in Philadelphia and beyond with DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. With insider tips on everything from the best shops, restaurant and hotels in Philadelphia, you won't miss a thing. The must-see sights are showcased with fantastic photography and illustrations so you get the best out of your visit. For those venturing further afield, there is comprehensive information on Gettysburg and the many sights commemorating the famous Civil War battle, and on the traditional towns of the Pennsylvania Dutch country, such as Lancaster, Ephrata and Bird-in-Hand. There are detailed, full-colour maps throughout, including a street map of Philadelphia, plus a sturdy, laminated pull-out map showing the city on a larger scale, with a street index and useful transport information. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Dutch Country is your ideal travel companion to this fascinating part of the USA.

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