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This book examines the role of the media in peace processes, arguing that it is often destructive.
In 2001, I began interacting with a patient who changed the course of my life. John had been receiving communications about future events that were causing him distress. On one occasion, he entered a friend's home and felt as if he were walking into a funeral parlor. Shortly thereafter, someone in the house passed. On another occasion he sensed that his sister would be dying soon. Five days later, after seeing a doctor and receiving a clean bill of health, she died from a stroke. As John described these events, I was moved by his story. He was seeing me not to validate his perceptions but because of the fear and unease they were causing him. It was as if he had tapped into another dimension, one that left him feeling decidedly uncomfortable and vulnerable. As he recounted his experiences, I suddenly felt the universe come alive with light. I was jolted awake! I realized that if the future could be foretold, there was more to life than I had previously imagined. I began sensing the presence of a spiritual energy in the universe. It was a strangely familiar feeling--of coming home to something mysterious, captivating, alluring. Shortly thereafter, I started encouraging my patients to share their spiritual experiences. I found that when they were struggling, they could empower themselves by discovering and embracing their spiritual truths in a setting of stillness, vulnerability, and love. A Path to Peace encompasses many of these shared experiences. It is an opportunity for my son and me to explore and share our spiritual experiences and truths with you while inviting you to do the same. By identifying, embracing, and living our spiritual truths, we come to follow our own "path to peace" ... to lead richer more fulfilled lives.
The “illuminating” (Los Angeles Times) answer to why Israel and Palestine’s attempts at negotiation have failed and a practical, “admirably measured” (The New York Times) roadmap for bringing peace to the Middle East—by an impartial American diplomat experienced in solving international conflicts. George Mitchell knows how to bring peace to troubled regions. He was the primary architect of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement for peace in Northern Ireland. But when he served as US Special Envoy for Middle East Peace from 2009 to 2011—working to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—diplomacy did not prevail. Now, for the first time, Mitchell offers his insider account of how the Israelis and the Palestinians have progressed (and regressed) in their negotiations through the years and outlines the specific concessions each side must make to finally achieve lasting peace.
Dear Ahed is a collection of radical, compassionate essays interspersed with letters to a Palestinian, Ahed Hussein, who has suffered greatly from the effects of war. The author, who has spent much time in the conflict areas of the world, demonstrates that through education and understanding the way words are used, a society could be created free from war. Alberto Portugheis, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008, explores how and why language is used to separate societies, control and antagonize people. He demonstrates how educated and talented writers, with the assistance of psychologists and scientists who have great expertise on "mind control," help politicians organise chaos, violence and wars as they use techniques to create fear in the population, so that they can offer protection. The book is dedicated to Ahed Hussein and to all people who are seeking Peace and Truth. This is the Peace Proposal the World is waiting for.
Synopsis We are all warriors on the stage of life. The mirror is a potent weapon in the everyday battles we all have to fight. But how do we discover this mirror? Though we see it every day, we seldom realize that the world is our mirror. The fault we find in others actually lies within us, not them. Our perception of the world around us is actually a reflection of who we are and what we believe in. This is what this revolutionary book brings out in an interesting story revolving around a modern-day Hercules. The technique of self-investigation demonstrated in this book has the power of eliminating all your complaints and miseries in order to pave the way for peace and joy within you.
True forgiveness asks us to stop pointing our finger at the people and events in the world as the cause of our pain, and turn instead to the unforgiven thoughts in our own minds. Here we can create change, which will lead to an ever-increasing sense of inner peace. The book outlines simple, practical steps and techniques we can use to help us in our efforts to learn and practise forgiveness with ourselves and others in our daily lives. Illustrative case histories and stories of forgiveness and healing are also included, as well as methods and approaches for helping others to forgive. This book gives a clear framework for understanding the true nature of forgiveness, as well as discussing the implications for us when we do aspire to that path. In every situation in which we lose our peace we have found a reflection of what is unhealed within us, what we have not forgiven ourselves for. Our world is a reflection of our consciousness - life constantly reflecting back what is in our minds. So rather than getting upset when things aren't going the way we would like, we can pause and use the techniques in this book to draw our attention to what is going on inside. Though the underlying philosophy is inspired by 'A Course in Miracles', this book is applicable to us all, and is readily understandable by those not familiar with the Course.

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