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It is 1953, and stately Garwood House is home to the Bennet family: Percy, his wife Florence, and their newborn son Philip. But Percy and Florence’s marriage is one of convenience, not love, and when an unexpected and tragic death endangers their fragile arrangement, Florence will stop at nothing to cover it up. Over twenty years later a violent and seemingly inexplicable murder threatens to unearth long-buried secrets. It is a mystery that takes Philip, his ‘Aunt’ Amy and the police to Naples and back, desperately seeking not just the murderer, but answers. Why was the housekeeper suddenly and unceremoniously dismissed two decades ago? Why does Florence seem to have two passports? And above all, who is the real heir to Garwood House?
An alien armada enters our solar system and questions mankind's possession of Earth.
Study of the deep and enduring cultural and religious differences between North and South Louisiana.
Mark Forman explores the extent to which Paul's concept of 'inheritance' in Romans, and its associated imagery, logic and arguments, served to evoke socio-political expectations that were different to those which prevailed in contemporary Roman imperial discourse. Forman explores how Paul deploys the idea of inheritance in Romans and analyses the sources which inform and overlap with this concept. Coins, literature and architecture are all examined in order to understand the purpose, hopes and expectations of first-century society. This book contributes to recent studies covering Paul and politics by arguing that Paul's concept of inheritance subverts and challenges first-century Roman ideologies.
Starting over at a tiny Rhode Island antique store after a devastating career setback, high-end art expert Carolyn investigates a piece of Middle Eastern pottery that leads her into an obsessive relationship with a mysterious man. By the author of The List. Original. 35,000 first printing.
The core of the book consists of a selection of papers presented at an international workshop where researchers from a variety of fields and countries discussed the connections between inherited wealth, justice and equality. The volume is complemented by a few other papers commissioned by the editors. The contributions cover historical, political, philosophical, sociological and economic aspects.

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