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In A Simple Path, Saint Teresa, senior members of the Missionaries of Charity and volunteers at their homes around the world offer their advice and long experience of how we can practise a fuller love for each other, help those less fortunate than ourselves and find peace in doing so. They discuss such fundamental issues as happiness, fear, compassion, the family and death - all themes of direct relevance to those seeking the deeper meaning of life today. This inspiring work is a unique spiritual guide, for Catholics and non-Catholics alike: full of wisdom and hope, from the one person who gave the greatest example of love in action in our time.
After decades of materialism, secularization and me-too philosophies, it is no surprise to find that more and more people in the West are searching for spiritual ideas to add structure to their lives. This pocket-sized little book distills the very best of Mother Teresa's wisdom that was so apparet in A Simple Path. Of help and comfort not only to catholics but also to non-catholics who are interested in her profound, yet entirely practical views on how to help others as well as ourselves.
With unequaled insight, business experts profile 12 outstanding, sustainable, small- to medium-sized enterprises and explain how their green strategies and methods have helped them succeed. • Case histories of small to medium-size enterprises in industries from manufacturing to health care, banking/investing, and recycling detailing their journeys to sustainability and environmental stewardship • A "Lessons Learned" box in each chapter • Sidebars with tips and examples that can be used by any type of business • A reference bibliography at the end of each chapter • A glossary
"Lasting happiness comes from within." How many of you have come across this somewhat enigmatic statement? I too, had struggled with what this statement actually meant, and how one could achieve this elusive state. Having been on the journey for many years, I now understand that it alludes to the fact that each one of us is like a lantern. The brightness (happiness) perceived in the world is totally dependent on how much Light one, as a lantern, radiates into the world. That is, each one of us is the source of happiness. Thus, the most effective means of ensuring enduring happiness is by reconditioning one's lantern. A Simple Path to Lasting Personal Joy: First Steps is the first volume of a series whose primary goal is to give the reader a practical, structured approach to attaining permanent happiness.
"Frugal Living: The Simple Path to Success" gives the reader the opportunity to learn about what it means to be frugal and how to make the transition to that lifestyle. It is written by an author who made the transition himself and has seen the total benefits of it. There are those who look at frugal persons as being mean. This however is far from the truth. A frugal individual is one who does not spend needlessly or waste unnecessarily. Anyone that is looking for a viable solution to get out of debt and get their home or office organized and free from clutter should read this book. It serves as a great starter guide.
The leader of Tibetan Buddhism shares his insights into life and his religion in this colorful gift book designed to introduce Western readers to this warm, spiritual man and the teachings of Buddhism.

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