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Share with the Author his love for flying and relive some adventures with him as he takes you on many of his exciting charters on a Greyhound bus.
This is the fifth book is about the Prussian family. The father is trying to take care of his wife, who is addicted to the drugs of the ninteenth century, a time when addiction hasn't been identified. There is only one place in the world trying to treat people for drugs, Vienna. So Otto has to take his family there and cope with the Viennese way of seeing and doing things. Will Hildegard overcome her dependencies? How will Otto cope with the strange life? How long will it take?
When her daughter's fiancé died suddenly, Katherine Ashenburg was surprised to see how her daughter intuitively re-created the traditional rituals of mourning, even those of which she was ignorant. Intrigued, Ashenburg began to explore the rich and endlessly inventive choreographies different cultures and times have devised to mark a universal and deeply felt plight. Contemporary North American culture favors a mourning that is private and virtually invisible. But, as Ashenburg reveals, the grieving customs of the past were so integrated into daily life that ultimately they gave rise to public parks and ready-to-wear clothing. Our keepsakes, prescribed bereavement garb, resting places, mourning etiquette; and ways of commiserating from wakes to Internet support groups remain clues to our most elemental beliefs, and our most effective means of restoring selves, and communities, unraveled by loss.
Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2018 Between Doubt and Belief The Reluctant Healer tells the story of a young attorney who is torn between mounting evidence that he has the spiritual ability to heal others and his life-long skepticism of alternative views. Will Alexander is cautious and conventional. But when he meets Erica, a beautiful, intense energy healer, he becomes troubled not only by her unorthodox endeavors but also by the limitations of his own existence. Amidst this turmoil, Will is startled to discover that he may possess metaphysical gifts of healing that confront the narrow doctrines of his regulated life. ​The Reluctant Healer paints a portrait of a reasonable man who traces a path between skepticism and belief. Flawed, funny, and agnostic, Will distrusts much of the alternative world, even as he struggles internally with phenomena that challenge both his sense of self and his orderly perspective. Will’s love for Erica, the exposure to her world, and his newfound powers place his life in a state of uncertainty, teetering between disruption and liberation.
A Boy Grows in Brooklyn is an educational and spiritual memoir that recounts stories from life in the Midwood interfaith neighborhood during the fifties and sixties. It shares spiritual lessons for living today that are applicable to readers of all ages who yearn for the joy, humor, and challenge discovered in everyday urban life. Memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers, neighborhood encounters, family roots, public and Sunday school teachers, pastors' modeling, and scouting ventures are woven together in vibrant stories to enlighten the hearts, souls, and minds of readers across every stage of life.
Michal Nahman traces different kinds of 'extraction': the practices of human egg harvesting in different national contexts; the political economic consequences of such extraction for the women involved and the ways in which this has consequences for nationalism and race or 'Israeli extraction'.
Along with the rest of the nation and the world, C&T Publishing was shocked and saddened by the terrorist attacks on the United States. We have looked for appropriate ways to commemorate the victims and contribute to relief efforts. Now we are proud to announce a very special project designed to do both. C&T Publishing, in association with Quilts, Inc., is pleased to announce the publication of America from the Heart, a full-color catalog of the quilt exhibit of the same name seen at last Fall's International Quilt Festival. America from the Heart was an incredible, spontaneous exhibit of quilts made by people all over the world in response to the tragedies of September 11. It was an unforgettable exhibit of art quilts, first quilts, and everything in between. These quilts are truly works from the heart - created in the six weeks following September 11 as an expression of the artist's immediate, agonized feelings about the attacks. These works of art are both moving and a true declaration of America's strength and patriotism. America from the Heart includes images of the quilts from the exhibit, along with statements from the quilters who created them. Karey Bresenhan, founder of Quilts, Inc. and organizer of International Quilt Festival, wrote the foreword. C&T Publishing is proud to donate ALL profits from sales of America from the Heart to the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund to provide higher education for the surviving spouses and children of September 11 victims.

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